Tied Naked In a Field Of Grass

I told this story to a friend recently and she encouraged me to share it here. Not sure if it’s too much information or not but….well….we’ll see:

I didn’t discover masturbation until later than most. After I did, I made up for lost time.

Growing up on a farm has its advantages. I remember a few days after I discovered orgasms I went out to a secluded field about a mile from the house, stripped naked and got on my back in a field, the sun keeping me warm while a cool breeze flowed over me. I’d spend hours doing this day after day. Hours.

Years and years beforehand I would tie myself up and imagine a strong attractive woman was capturing me. My daydreams weren’t sexual at the time, she’d just capture me and I really hadn’t thought of what she would do to me after capturing me. I’d even tie myself up and imagine different situations where women would abduct me.

After I discovered jerking off I connected the dots of my fantasy of my youth.

“Ahhhh, they’d capture me and fuck me”.

This opened a whole new world for me. I’d grab a handfull of dirty scratchy rope or twine from the barn and head out somewhere. Sometimes I’d tie myself naked to a fence-post with one arm free, other times I’d tie myself to an old rusty piece of farm equipment. I imagined myself being caught in a mechanical torture device where various women (usually Elle Mcpherson and her minions) would need to poke and prod and fuck me as part of some wicked plan (yeah I don’t get it either).

Once I tied myself up and was on the verge of orgasm when I heard a vehicle approaching, I frantically untied the complex knots and got dressed just in time to see a cousin approaching in his pickup. I made up some lame reason why I was out there, had some small talk and after he left I made sure to tie myself up for quick release.

I was a bit paranoid after that and would tie myself up in places that had a good vantage point for the long dirt road that went from our farm to the main road. One such place was on top of a metal grain bin. I remember the excitement of being more than three stories in the air, the feeling of cold metal on the back of my legs, ass and back.

Day after day that summer I would find a new ways to tie myself up, I discovered how lotion made it feel even better. Imagine a young man walking in a field, chasing cattle away from a sturdy tree, making sure they were out of site before he took a big pile of rope an a big bottle of lotion out of his school backpack.

One of my most vivid memories was the time I first ejaculated. For months I would have orgasms but nothing was actually produced from the orgasm. My body just hadn’t hit that point yet. One day that changed.

I had tied myself up with my ankles spread wide on a hay bale.


I used the twine on the bale as a bondage point and had tied one wrist to one side and my ankles spread wide on either side of the bale as I was sprawled on top.

I started having what was one of my usual orgasms but it slowly started to feel different…stronger. I assumed it was because of the bondage but when I finally did achieve orgasm it came over me like a wave. It felt like gallons were coming out of my body. I was frozen with shock as I realized that.. biologically …I was now a man. (or at least I was in my head).

It felt so much more powerful than my old orgasms. I just had to do it again. Still bound I started again and finished again.

And again.

By the time I was finished I my body was covered. I hadn’t planned of course so I didn’t have a towel or anything to wipe it off except for my clothes. Thankfully there was a stream nearby and I quickly bathed in the warm summer sun, threw my clothes on and headed back home.

I added a towel to the items in my school backpack after that.

This is one of many reasons why I’m curious to try outdoor bondage know…a woman someday.


Just a few days before I’ll be seeing “her” again and I’m horny as fuck.

So why don’t I do something about it? Why don’t I just jerk off two or three times today like I would normally?

She said she doesn’t want me to.


I both love it and hate it.

I could though, just sneak off in the shower and take care of it. She’d never know. But somehow I can’t.

With regular masturbation I can fuck for hours. After a few days without I’ll be lucky to last a half an hour.

She says it makes me even more submissive, that I can be a bit of a smartass or something. Something about preferring me whimpering aching, quivering and hard. Hell I can’t even think straight at this point.

When she first said it I was worried that It meant I acted as though I could care less about her desires unless I was horny. Turns out that’s not the case, but there’s a big difference in my eagerness when I’m…eager.

Why does part of me love it? I have no clue. Well, it has something to do about control and being wanted and taken but my body is screaming at me so loudly right now that I can’t think enough to analyze it.

When I’m finally face to face with her again we’ll exchange pleasentries and talk about how her day was and probably talk about the headlines or something but no matte what we’re talking about, no matter what is coming out of my mouth, one thing will be flashing through my mind and other parts.

Please! Just! fuck me!

Tales Of Jerk-offery

Tilda wrote about a recent experience of hers that still has my jaw on the floor.

Go ahead and read it. I’ll wait.


Holy shit, right?


She has a number of stories like that, all well written and extremely sexy. I highly suggest you read her stuff. All of it.

The very idea that stuff like that happens is so far beyond me. I guarantee the next time I see her I’ll be asking her I’ll be asking a ton of questions.

How does that happen? Do I need to sign up for a club? What god do I have to pray to in order to make that happen? How does a plan like that come together? Was it your ideas or his/theirs?

Reading it I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like if I were in her shoes (or in her blindfold) and the dudes were replaced by women.

Even if I knew someone who could make something like that happen I don’t know how I’d bring it up in conversation. It would make for an awkward phone call.

“How’s your week been going? Good? Great. So I was wondering if you could setup an gangbang where women would come in and fuck me while I’m blindfolded and use me like a piece of meat. What’s that? Yeah, I’m free on Monday. Should I bring lube or …. Oh, ok, Lube and condoms. Anything else? Sure you can borrow my DVD collection of the BBC’s Office. Yeah, it’s much better than the American version. OK see you at the gangbang.”

I’ve decided to officially add this fantasy to my big mental rolodex of things that I jerk off to.

Curious Things

I was asked to make a list of the things I’m most curious about. Thing I’ve had on my must-try-before-I-die list.

Chastity- Maymay wrote about his extended chastity here. Obviously my daydreams aren’t nearly as close as what the reality would probably be. I imagine being locked up and taken out whenever she (whoever she is) wants me. More of an anti-masturbation device than a no-orgasm device. Who knows, maybe she’ll want me locked up for longer durations, or maybe not locked up at all.

CBT- I have limited experience in this area but the hints of it that I’ve experienced have been eye opening. Probably because there are a million wonderfully evil things a woman can do in this area. As with all kinds of pain, it’s limited to those who really get off on giving pain. I hate the idea of feeling pain anywhere but I love the idea of taking the pain for someone who gets off on giving it. Everything from sounds, bondage, clamps, clothespins, you name it and I’m curious about it. The mental image of sounds is enough to make me whimper.

Anal play- I’ve experienced strap-on play a few times. A few times isn’t nearly enough. I’ve only experienced the wonders of the prostate once for maybe a minute. My head nearly exploded. There’s also something very intriguing about plugs and hooks. I have no idea what the appeal of anal play is for a dominant woman. Is it the idea of violating a man? I know what the appeal is on my end of things but the motivation for a woman escapes me. If I knew the motivation it might help me find someone to motivate into doing it.

Predicament Bondage- I was talking to someone the other night who mentioned how much she loved doing it to her boyfriend. I hadn’t thought much about it until I saw how much she loved it. Her face lit up with this genuine evil smile. It’s motivated me enough to read more about it and keep my eyes open for someone with an evil smile.

Electrical play- Nuff said. This is a big question mark for me. I’ve heard it can be either very painful or very pleasurable.

Hypnosis- I’ve heard it’s intense.

Owned- I know now that my previous goal (I wrote about it here) of having a weekend where I was totally owned and controlled by someone is totally unrealistic. Finding someone who wants to own me for a few hours might be more attainable.

I’m Above Average…Aaaand I’m Below Average.

There’s a new poll from Durex about sex around the world.

It turns out my fellow Americans really aren’t getting the job done.

When it comes to sexual partners, the average guy in the U.S. has had 13 partners. So I’m above average on that one…BUT.

The average American has sex once every 4.3 days, that’s 85 times a year (this reveals an interesting fact that most American women are not having sex with me). This is far far far wayyy wayyy waayyyy below my number. The global average is 103 times. 103!!!!!!

Here’s the breakdown via this link:

American men average 13 partners, which is:- Ten less than Canadians (23)- Three less than the British (16)- One less than Mexicans (14)- Equal to the global average (13)
American women average nine partners, which is:- One less than Canadians (10)- One less than the British (10)- Three more than Mexicans (6)- Two more than the global average (7)
Why do we have less sex than others in the world. Why do I have less sex than you do?
Wait, does jerking off count? If so, then I’m having sex more than 700 times a year (unless I’m lucky enough to be under strict orders not to.:)). Damn, I should buy stock in a lube company.