Trying To Suck On A Moving Target

“Lay on the bed and eat her out, I want to beat your ass.”

I could just leave this post at this point. Those words alone are hot enough.

Sade pointed to the girl on our bed who’s arms were cuffed and pulled to opposite sides of the bed. I lay face down with my face in her crotch. Normally I would have started slow but this wasn’t the beginning of our evening, this wouldn’t be foreplay. Sade had already fucked her and used a vibrator on her and I had used my hands on her.

Still, I naturally wanted to start slow before diving into her with my mouth. That’s how Sade preferred it and that’s how I’ve been doing it pretty much consistently over the past three years with her.

I maybe got one light kiss in on her labia before I felt Sade start in on me. The pain shot through me and I let out a moan and my lips and tongue went straight for the clit in front of me. This made the girl writhe and in doing so my mouth lost it’s target.

Again and again Sade wailed on my ass, striking it with her hand a number of times followed by an implement of some kind. It went from stingy to thuddy and back again. The whole time I was trying to focus on getting the girls clit back in my mouth so I could suck on it and flick it up and down with my tongue but it was either my actions or the vision of what Sade was doing to me that made her jolt her hips up again with a moan. I was lucky to have direct contact with her clit for more than 5 seconds before she’d wiggle it away from my mouth.

I moved my hands under the ass in front of me as gracefully as I could while Sade continued beating me (translation: I wasn’t graceful) then wrapped my forearms around her thighs and back again so my hands were touching my shoulders in an attempt to lock her legs in place so I could hold her down a bit better. This ended up being helpful since I usually like something to push against when Sade is beating me, it’s an outlet for the pain and since my muscles are usually tightening when she’s really pushing me, this would help me put that extra energy into something useful.

The girl wasn’t speaking in sentences anymore, all she could manage for the last hour were moans and a few “Oh fuck'”, “Oh Sade’s”, and “I’m gonna cum’s” but now she was just moans and “Oh’s” so I knew she wasn’t in any position to tell me wether she liked having her pussy sucked hard, soft or something in between. Come to think of it I was in no position to ask either.

This whole time I was torn three ways. I was trying to do a good job with my mouth, loving the pain Sade was administering and trying hard not to get lost in it and trying to ignore my deep urge to fuck. Every now and then Sade would stop to admire the marks on my ass, stroke my back and the marks on my skin and I’d get lost in what she was doing to me only to feel the girl jerk her hips up while I tried to maintain sucking while working her with my tongue. Then my body would scream to fuck and before I started humping the bed, Sade would resume with the pain.

After who-knows-how-long, Sade threw her implement of the moment on the floor and says the words I’ve been waiting for.

“Fuck me”



I Need This

She stood at the foot of the bed holding her latest weapon. A heavy wooden paddle.


Such a simple device yet I could tell it conjured up complex ideas in her head.


And so I did.

I was nervous and excited at the same time. Trying not to whimper in anticipation of what was coming.

She ran her hands down my back and over my ass. Gently spreading my cheeks apart before giving me a gentle spanking with her hand.

“You need this don’t you?” She asked.

I didn’t realize it before she mentioned it but she was right.

“Yes” I whispered. Slightly embarrassed for some reason. Maybe because I realized yet again that she knew me better than I knew myself.

“Speak up”

I answered louder and she let out a moan.

Then she began..

The Week Of Beatings Continued

Day 6: Once again I’m both scared and looking forward to it. She wallops me for 15 minutes non-stop. Again and again. Time stops in my mind and when she’s done I can barely move I’m so worn out. I’m tied up, drooling and moaning afterwards. She helps me up and we cuddle until I fall asleep.

Day 7: The last day. She ties me to our new leather couch. My elbows tied to my knees and she uses a variety of implements on me including a wooden spoon. I’m almost sad when it’s over.

I can tell how I’ve progressed over the course of the week. I’m glad that it worked. I’m not sure if my tolerance for pain is higher but I noticed a few changes in how I viewed the pain.

Early on, when the pain was very very intense, my mind would start to play tricks on me. I’d start to wonder if she really cared about me or if she was upset with me. Punishment play, when it’s really really painful is still connected with disappointment in some ways. This week helped change that a bit.

Now it’s been two days since she’s had me bent over and I do miss it. Not just the intimacy and the intensity, but how hot it makes her.

Good thing there are plenty of other things that get her hot as well.

I’m a very lucky boy.

The Week Of Beatings

As part of my training, she’s started something new. Every day for a week I’m to bring her a handful of rope and an implement for her to beat me with.

She’s doing it to increase my pain tolerance and to help associate pain with pleasure.

I won’t go into the dirty details but I can say this so far.

Day 1: I was really looking forward to it. Antisipated her hurting me, making me sweat, moan and cry.

Day 2: I was scared. She took me so far the night before. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to take it. My ass still hurt from the night before.

Day 3: I was so worried. All day long I looked at the clock and said to myself “15 hours until she does it again”. “Oh no…now it’s only 6 hours!” “Fuck how am I going to do this, it’s only 2 hours away”. She has me pick out the implement and I choose the softest thing I can find. She vetoes it and I make another choice, the heavy leather paddle, she accepts.

Day 4: Something changed…Instead of dreading it I was eager for it even though my ass was still sore and red. Instead of looking at the clock with worry, I looked at it with anticipation.

Day 5: I’m swamped with work on my 2nd job, I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Midnight comes quickly and she makes me cry from a beating faster than I have before. be continued

Behind Closed Doors

I thought we were done for the moment.

Others had watched, she beat me, brought me to tears, held me and then began to untie me.

The audience commented how hot our scene was then left, closing the door and and leaving us alone.

We weren’t done yet though.

She kissed the remainder of my tears away, telling me how happy she was with me and then kissed me.


She didn’t bother removing the leather ankle cuffs from me, only removing my hands from the leather cuffs so I could hold her.

I was naked already and before too long so was she, pulling off her corset and underwear then pulling me to the ground.

She reached down and slid me inside of her. A gasp escaped us both.

She rode me, I held her hips and within a minute her eyes were rolling, her back arched and every muscle in her body singing.   

What’s the opposite of sympathy pains? Sympathy pleasure? That’s what I always feel. It’s like I’m mid-orgasm with her.

I moaned and and she quickly pressed her hand over my mouth. Just a few feet away outside that door people where socializing.

I can’t remember how many orgasms she had but before too long she was satisfied and slid off of me. The ache of feeling everything perfect in the world leaving my body overcame me and I’m sure I made a moan that said “please”.

I snuck outside the door, covering my arousal as best I could, grabbed my clothes and joined her again.   

There she was, smiling with that lustful grin she gets when she’s used me.

I melted.

Not all of me, but most of me.

“Fuck”, I said with a sigh and a smile.

“Fuck indeed” she smiled.