The Week Of Beatings Continued

Day 6: Once again I’m both scared and looking forward to it. She wallops me for 15 minutes non-stop. Again and again. Time stops in my mind and when she’s done I can barely move I’m so worn out. I’m tied up, drooling and moaning afterwards. She helps me up and we cuddle until I fall asleep.

Day 7: The last day. She ties me to our new leather couch. My elbows tied to my knees and she uses a variety of implements on me including a wooden spoon. I’m almost sad when it’s over.

I can tell how I’ve progressed over the course of the week. I’m glad that it worked. I’m not sure if my tolerance for pain is higher but I noticed a few changes in how I viewed the pain.

Early on, when the pain was very very intense, my mind would start to play tricks on me. I’d start to wonder if she really cared about me or if she was upset with me. Punishment play, when it’s really really painful is still connected with disappointment in some ways. This week helped change that a bit.

Now it’s been two days since she’s had me bent over and I do miss it. Not just the intimacy and the intensity, but how hot it makes her.

Good thing there are plenty of other things that get her hot as well.

I’m a very lucky boy.

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