Decoding A Dominant Personal Ad

I look everywhere I can, yes, even craigslist.

Here’s an ad I recently came upon. It’s a fairly common post for what Craigslist delivers:

Secret Mistress seeks a straight man, who is capable of deep internal slavery, to collar long term.

Woooo where have you been all my life!

Relationship will be a total power exchange, not just B&D. Private. No extremes.

Yesssssssssss I’ll start packing my things now so I can move in right after we meet.

Slave: Strong. Masculine. Powerful and Dominant with everyone but Mistress.

Hell that could be me. I don’t bow down to just anyone.

Overly financially secure. Highly Successful. Intelligent in the extreme. A Protector and Care Taker.


He will tremble before me: collared, restrained and defenseless.

Yeah he will, in his custom made suit just after he gets out of his limo.

Shit god-damnit.

He will kiss the whip before it lashes him.

..but first he’ll need to take the silver spoon out of his mouth to do it.

If you approach, explain what Total Power Exchange (TPE) means to you. If you don’t give a thoughtful and intelligent reply about TPE, there will be no response. I’ve heard it all. Make me want you.

…or just show her your credit score.

Shit fuck fuck shit.

Impress me.

Yeah yeah yeah…I’m so screwed.



You’re funny. Glad I found your blog.

Thanks for the smile. ๐Ÿ™‚


Maybe we should meet. I don’t care about the freaking bank account. I already have a rich gf.

You just need a personality and tight ass.

Elizabeth- Glad I could please:)

Jocasta- Who am I to argue?

How ’bout it, buddy?
Think you can find nub in da arse?
Your dream meat, Jocasta, is ready for ya!!

Nice to see someone with a good grasp of reality…


Oh yes, THAT ad. There is a version of it for submissives, too, but instead of ending with “must have a nice bank account” it ends with “must be a kinky Barbie doll and be slender and beautiful who will force me to orally worship her for hours and do everything on my kinky checklist (but I am sooo all about your pleasure).

I found you through Sugasm. ๐Ÿ™‚

i died from the lol

So you were at Black Rose and you didn’t even come and introduce yourself?
Why not?
I was actually looking forward to meeting you.

I think I saw that one too!

Oh inner monologues, how I love thee. Sweet decoding.

I am a man who loves to be dominated submissive by a sexy, attractive dominating woman wearing pantyhose on her legs and feet.
I love the way she pins me down and seduces me with her pantyhosed legs and feet. She makes me kiss her pantyhosed legs and feet in delightful worship attention and satisfy her every desire of being femininely dominant on me. She likes to fuck me in her pantyhose and has me turn her on in a pantyhosed dick and legs to lick me dominant and keep me down with her strong pantyhosed legs.
Feminine domination forever.
I love you to dominate me pantyhosed woman.
Feminine domination desire and love forever.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Your friend and lover, John Haslett

Did I write that?
Hmmmm then why do I end up with the poor out of work buggers?
Axe?Its Cru from cm…I miss you madley…glad you found someone…..giver Her your best for me

Lol. You are adorable. I must admit though that she came close to describing my idea of the perfect man. Except that mine would be tall, lean, and wearing sexy lingerie instead of a collar. ๐Ÿ˜‰