Subliminal Sex

Sometimes she walks into the livingroom naked and announces she’s horny.

Other times she says she wants me to go down on her or that it’s time to fuck.

It’s at a point now where she’ll walk in the room after showering and before getting dressed and I just assume its fuck-time only to realize shortly after I stand that she’s just in the room to say something. It’s rare that she walks in naked without a sexual demand so it’s a shock when there isn’t.
The other day she walks in the room naked and I start to put my laptop down only to find it’s a false alarm.

“Oh…is there ANYTHING ELSE you need? Anything?”

She’s got me trained that walking in the living room naked means sex.
It’s not just me though, she equates me not wearing glasses as sex time since it’s one of the few times I’m not wearing glasses.

Actually I don’t know why I haven’t tried it. Take off my glasses while we’re just talking and see if she starts showing signs.

Another trigger is Christmas lights. Not because we fuck under a tree every year but because we have Christmas lights in our room for mood lighting while fucking. Almost always we have them on if fucking at night. One time Sade plugged them in for some other non-sex reasons and I started getting hard.

Words work too. Whenever Sade says “oh fuck” as an exclamation I immediately think of her having an orgasm, even if she’s not saying it with the same enthusiasm that she uses when we’re in bed.

There’s a look Sade gets when she’s fucking me (pegging). It’s a look in her eyes and a smile she really only has in that mode. It’s a combination of sadism, control and arousal. Every now and then that smile will come out in unrelated moments and I’m immediately thrown when I see it since I almost exclusively see it when I’m on my back and her hands are holding my ankles. The smile and the fire in her eyes burns even brighter when she makes me orgasm over and over without any control. We could make a 30 second porn with just that look on her face and probably retire today.

She has a million smiles but that one is reserved for fucking me.

Happy Fucking Friday

We are both sleeping, spooning and the universe is perfect.

I have a case of very early morning wood and because of the tight spooning it wakes her up.

Normally when she sleep-fucks me she rides and I’m such a heavy sleeper that I can completely sleep through it all or if I’m lucky I’ll wake with a vague memory.

This time she’s the little spoon and I fuck unconsciously until the pleasure wakes me up and I start to fuck in earnest.

I had no idea if I woke up late for work or if it was a long time before. Usually I’m the one who wakes her up for early weekday sex.

After she’s thoroughly roused and satisfied she lets me cum and we lay there for a moment before heading off to the shower. Passing the clock I see its 5:30.

Sade: You could go jogging.

Me:Perfect, I can sleep for a couple of minutes then go for a run before work.

Sade:If you cuddle and sleep now there’s no way you’ll wake up early enough to go for a run.

“I’ll show her” I think to myself as we spoon and drift off together.

Of course I woke up late with only seconds to spare before needing to head to work.

Worth it


After her last orgasm she had enough and rolled me on my back and kisses me.

She grabs me by the base and starts to slowly squeeze me, I know what this means but I don’t feel like I’m close to an orgasm yet. She doesn’t care and begins to count down.


She picks up the pace a bit and works both of her hands all the way up and back down.


Our eyes lock and she knows she can make this happen even though I’ve been holding off for so long up until now.


Now there’s a smile in her eyes and my pulse quickens and our breathing becomes matched.


She’s moving faster now and is sitting back, positioning herself so it looks like my cock is coming out of her body instead of mine.


She squeazes and the muscles in my chest and stomach begin to tighten along with her grip.


She reaches down and grips my balls and gently yet firmly pulls down.


Her other hand is wrapped around me like a fist and in just a few short moments I go from feeling like I could go forever to desperation that I may go too soon.


She pauses her countdown as I wait to hear the words I need…


It’s all over for me as her relentless pace continues through the wave and I convulse…I try to say thank you but it probably just comes across as a jumbled moan.

As I slowly drift back I can still feel her working me.

“Good boy”

Why I’m Not A Cuckold

I remember the first time I had an experience where I realized I wasn’t into humiliation. I had a casual play partner who, while we were having our second round of sex, started in on some humiliation that she enjoyed.

We were going at it pretty heavily and she was getting close to orgasm when she uttered the words that would make me realize I’m not into humiliation:

“Yeah? You think you can get me off with that little cock of yours?”

I stopped fucking her at that moment.

Me:”What? But just a few minutes ago you were talking about how great my cock was and how it filled you up so full and how you loved it.”

Her: “It does, I’m just really into small cock humiliation”.

Me: “Why would you say something that isn’t true? Either you’re lying when you say you love my big cock or you’re lying when you say I have a little one.”

Her: “I thought it would turn you on.”

Me: “Why would the feeling of being inadequate turn me on?”

Her:”It turns on a lot of submissive guys, look I wouldn’t be fucking you if you actually had a small one.”

She’s also the first person who learned slapping my face was a way to make me leave the room in tears instead of making me hard.

We were chatting a few days later and she started in on, what she thought, was sexy talk.

Her:”I’m going to tie you up and fuck another guy right in front of you”.

Me: “If you want to fuck another guy then you should fuck another guy. Why would you have me tied up in the same room just to make me feel bad? That’s what most people call, being an asshole.”

Her:”Are you calling me an asshole?”

Me:”Do you want me to feel bad?”

I don’t remember how the conversation ended. I had never heard of the term “cuckold” before. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Had I known that there was such a thing as cuckolding and other types of humiliation I probably would have handled it a bit better. I could have been more calm and rational and simply said that type of play is a huge turn-off.

Unfortunately I’ve found that I’m probably too sensitive when it comes to these types of things.

Maybe that’s why I respond so strongly to being objectified as a sex-object. Something wanted and desired so badly that she can’t help but just fucking take me.

That feeling is the opposite of rejection.

Bithday Fucking

It didn’t take us long to rip our clothes off.  I was eager to get to the main event but that was nothing compared to her, I was worried I’d need to beg her to fuck first since I knew I’d end up being a puddle on the floor when she was done with me and I desperately wanted to get her off first.

We explored the room with our bodies, we took photos, and I really got down before she pushed me off of her and told me it was time for her to string me up and fuck me.

My legs were pulled apart and lifted toward the ceiling, I was still on the ground but could feel myself slipping deeper and deeper into subspace.  By the time she had me off the ground with my wrists and ankles connected on either end of a spreader bar, I would have agreed to anything I was in so deep.   It was emotional subspace more than physical at this point and that’s usually just as deep for me.   I couldn’t think and I’m lucky to have been able to mumble “Yes Ma’am”.

After she had me up she had me swing back and forth like a pendulum.  An evil smile came across her face and she took about a dozen photos before coming back to me.

In retrospect it was a good thing I was in such deep subspace, not only because it turned her on even more to see me like that but the suspension cuffs we were using were digging into my wrists pretty strongly but I didn’t want to stop.    She ordered me to tell her if the pain in my wrists became too much to bear.  She knew if I had my way I’d put up with it longer than I should (I had hurt myself before).

It was such a unique headspace.  I was horny as fuck, almost painfully hard and aching- and yet felt so vulnerable, exposed, owned and still so deep in subspace that I could barely talk.

She toyed around with me for a little while, spanking me, using my cock as a handle to move me forward and back before checking my wrists and seeing we had limited time.

As she fucked me she rotated between grabbing my hips or thighs or using my cock for leverage before finally wrapping her hand around the back of my neck and ramming into me while ordering me to cum.   I have no idea how many times she brought me to orgasm, really it felt like one never-ending O.

Eventually, satiated, she slowly lowered me to the floor, kissing me with a big satisfied smile on her face.   On the subway ride home I don’t know that I said anything more than “Oh fuck…..oh fuck”.

Later she’d show some of the photos to a few friends and the feeling of being objectified would wash over me again.   I still shiver and ache at the thought of it now.

We’ve looked at a few suspension rigs and agree it would be a perfect addition to our apartment but it will take some time to make that happen.

Thankfully, my birthday is just a few months away and I know exactly what I’m going to request as the only thing I want.