After her last orgasm she had enough and rolled me on my back and kisses me.

She grabs me by the base and starts to slowly squeeze me, I know what this means but I don’t feel like I’m close to an orgasm yet. She doesn’t care and begins to count down.


She picks up the pace a bit and works both of her hands all the way up and back down.


Our eyes lock and she knows she can make this happen even though I’ve been holding off for so long up until now.


Now there’s a smile in her eyes and my pulse quickens and our breathing becomes matched.


She’s moving faster now and is sitting back, positioning herself so it looks like my cock is coming out of her body instead of mine.


She squeazes and the muscles in my chest and stomach begin to tighten along with her grip.


She reaches down and grips my balls and gently yet firmly pulls down.


Her other hand is wrapped around me like a fist and in just a few short moments I go from feeling like I could go forever to desperation that I may go too soon.


She pauses her countdown as I wait to hear the words I need…


It’s all over for me as her relentless pace continues through the wave and I convulse…I try to say thank you but it probably just comes across as a jumbled moan.

As I slowly drift back I can still feel her working me.

“Good boy”


I like it a lot.
Sometimes when I’m allowed to explode I asked her to count for me

Don’t get me wrong, orgasm control is pretty high on my list. But I keep going back to “Good boy” to the exclusion of the other hot parts. A sincere “good boy” is probably right at the top of my list of what I hope to find in a relationship.

*giggles n bounces* I love doing this. I love the trepidation on his face when he realizes. I love the fireworks at the end. fun fun