Duke Of Burgundy, A Review

Duke Of Burgundy posterSade and a few friends went and saw the film which I assumed would be an eye-roller. Turns out it’s actually pretty good…or “not bad” as some put it.

Sade’s brief review:

“Our group of people were all in the lifestyle with D/s relationships of our own so I can’t speak for the other quiet patrons of the film, but we found it pretty damn funny at many points (Several times FillInTheBlank and I found ourselves laughing loudly and alone).   We thought it was clever, beautifully filmed and acted (I particularly loved the director’s use of reflections), it was poignant, and sweet and terribly sad. You see this relationship that clearly began with a lot of communication and enjoyment from both parties, but when we come in all we see is a fetishistic ‘Do-me sub’ who micromanages the Top’s every move, pushing for her own desires blindly, to the point of her loving Mistress’ breakdown. Obviously all BDSM relationships are complex, and certainly this relationship is that. We as the viewers are only privy to a short window in time that was, for anyone kinky watching, not the loving couple’s finest moment. We witness them discover for themselves how much indulgence in fantasy is too much, but I did feel like their struggles were genuine and realistic. I wasn’t offended by anything in the film or anything. And really, the only reason I noticed the lack of male actors was because the fact had been pointed out to me and so I was ‘looking’ for their missing forms whenever the main characters were in public (certainly the essence of man was not entirely eradicated from the film). I definitely think people should see the film, and if they can- to see it in the theater for the group affect. I was moved by it and will certainly be watching it again.”

All But The Important Bits

I’m having surgery in a couple days and one of the things they ask is if you have a living will and if you’re an organ donor. I marked that I wanted to donate my body to science. 


Sade asksed me what I put down, I told her and she responded: 


“Everything but your heart and your cock and balls, those are mine forever”. 


Still not sure if that’s creepy or romantic but I suppose if it happens I’ll be dead and won’t care that she has my junk hanging from her rearview mirror. The heart I’m guessing will be a bookend.

Happy Fucking Friday

We are both sleeping, spooning and the universe is perfect.

I have a case of very early morning wood and because of the tight spooning it wakes her up.

Normally when she sleep-fucks me she rides and I’m such a heavy sleeper that I can completely sleep through it all or if I’m lucky I’ll wake with a vague memory.

This time she’s the little spoon and I fuck unconsciously until the pleasure wakes me up and I start to fuck in earnest.

I had no idea if I woke up late for work or if it was a long time before. Usually I’m the one who wakes her up for early weekday sex.

After she’s thoroughly roused and satisfied she lets me cum and we lay there for a moment before heading off to the shower. Passing the clock I see its 5:30.

Sade: You could go jogging.

Me:Perfect, I can sleep for a couple of minutes then go for a run before work.

Sade:If you cuddle and sleep now there’s no way you’ll wake up early enough to go for a run.

“I’ll show her” I think to myself as we spoon and drift off together.

Of course I woke up late with only seconds to spare before needing to head to work.

Worth it

Kinky Classes With Sade

Sade has been teaching quite a bit lately.  Most of her classes lately are one-on-one lessons for couples and individuals who want a good intro to kink or who want to up their game and expand their skill-set.

Well she’s doing a special class on March 1st for a small group of people and if you or someone you know would like to join in on the action the details are below:

Sexy, Kinky, Safe, & Skilled
An intro class to BDSM and Kink
taught by Ms Sade Ami

for Dominant Women and Women who Switch
All Sexual Orientations Welcome
Saturday 19th of March at 1pm

$130/ per student
Advance registration required.
Purchase tickets at

This is a gentle introduction to bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, and fetishism for women who wish to pursue their desires in kink with confidence and skill.  The class size is limited to 8 participants to ensure that your interests are addressed with thorough attention.

Topics include:
– Understanding your own dominance.
– Safety and preparation. Learn how to prepare for the scene you desire and how to play within reasonable limits for mental and physical well being.
– Risk Aware Consensual Kink and Safe, Sane, and Consensual.
– Negotiations and communicating with your partner.  Learn how to honestly assess your own and your partner’s desires for mutual fulfillment, as well as to stay connected throughout the scene.
– Basics of safe bondage and light SM: simple rope bondage workshop and discussion/demonstration of light sensation play, what it means to “warm up” the body.
– Aftercare: how to decompress after play to ensure emotional and physical care.

Please be ready to discuss your interests and questions in an intimate setting with other women of like mind and to respect privacy and discretion.  No cell phone use will be allowed during class.  Class will be approximately 3 hours.

Inquiries can be made to:
[email protected]

Ms Sade Ami is a New York City based Mistress and Kink Educator, who provides private sessions and personalized tutorials. Classes use a hands on approach and are focused on a growing understanding of one’s own proclivities. Participants also learn the technical skills to conduct simple to elaborate play scenes safely and with growing ease.

Now THAT’S Self-Promotion

Sade was recently asked to write a bio for a friend’s website.

One thing both Sade and I have in common is the uncomfortable feeling that moves over us when we’re asked to write a bio.

For me it just feels egotistical to write a bio that will be used for promotional purposes.  Every time I write one I think “Geez, I sound like a douche who’s only interested in self promotion”.  Reading bios of people I know however seem perfectly natural and un-douchebaggie.

I was asked to write about myself recently and I replied with “Axe:  A dude”.

They asked for more and I replied “Axe: A super cool kinky dude”.

They didn’t like that one either for some reason.

So I thought I’d write one for Sade since I know how uncomfortable it is to write one.

“Mistress Sade is a super foxy lifestyle and professional dominant and kink educator in New York City.  One of her greatest enjoyments is showing people new ways to express themselves through BDSM.  Everything from the most basic styles of play to more advanced techniques, Sade teaches singles, couples and even groups how to get in touch with their inner dominant.   Sade offers a unique perspective and super foxy ways to be foxy in all her foxiness and foximilitude.  Her super cool slave/sex machine Axe wrote this for her, thus proving she’s so busy teaching others that she doesn’t have time to proof-read her own bio.”

Too much?