Duke Of Burgundy, A Review

Duke Of Burgundy posterSade and a few friends went and saw the film which I assumed would be an eye-roller. Turns out it’s actually pretty good…or “not bad” as some put it.

Sade’s brief review:

“Our group of people were all in the lifestyle with D/s relationships of our own so I can’t speak for the other quiet patrons of the film, but we found it pretty damn funny at many points (Several times FillInTheBlank and I found ourselves laughing loudly and alone).   We thought it was clever, beautifully filmed and acted (I particularly loved the director’s use of reflections), it was poignant, and sweet and terribly sad. You see this relationship that clearly began with a lot of communication and enjoyment from both parties, but when we come in all we see is a fetishistic ‘Do-me sub’ who micromanages the Top’s every move, pushing for her own desires blindly, to the point of her loving Mistress’ breakdown. Obviously all BDSM relationships are complex, and certainly this relationship is that. We as the viewers are only privy to a short window in time that was, for anyone kinky watching, not the loving couple’s finest moment. We witness them discover for themselves how much indulgence in fantasy is too much, but I did feel like their struggles were genuine and realistic. I wasn’t offended by anything in the film or anything. And really, the only reason I noticed the lack of male actors was because the fact had been pointed out to me and so I was ‘looking’ for their missing forms whenever the main characters were in public (certainly the essence of man was not entirely eradicated from the film). I definitely think people should see the film, and if they can- to see it in the theater for the group affect. I was moved by it and will certainly be watching it again.”