All But The Important Bits

I’m having surgery in a couple days and one of the things they ask is if you have a living will and if you’re an organ donor. I marked that I wanted to donate my body to science. 


Sade asksed me what I put down, I told her and she responded: 


“Everything but your heart and your cock and balls, those are mine forever”. 


Still not sure if that’s creepy or romantic but I suppose if it happens I’ll be dead and won’t care that she has my junk hanging from her rearview mirror. The heart I’m guessing will be a bookend.


… gulp. I see that being with Sade requires courage.

Take care of yourself before and after the surgery. We’ll be thinking of you.

My thoughts are with you and Sade… I feel like I know you after listening to your podcasts, all of them proudly 🙂

As long as you aren’t going where Joan Rivers did, I think you’ll be ok….but I think I remember you talking about your back?

I hope it goes well.