I’m Above Average…Aaaand I’m Below Average.

There’s a new poll from Durex about sex around the world.

It turns out my fellow Americans really aren’t getting the job done.

When it comes to sexual partners, the average guy in the U.S. has had 13 partners. So I’m above average on that one…BUT.

The average American has sex once every 4.3 days, that’s 85 times a year (this reveals an interesting fact that most American women are not having sex with me). This is far far far wayyy wayyy waayyyy below my number. The global average is 103 times. 103!!!!!!

Here’s the breakdown via this link:

American men average 13 partners, which is:- Ten less than Canadians (23)- Three less than the British (16)- One less than Mexicans (14)- Equal to the global average (13)
American women average nine partners, which is:- One less than Canadians (10)- One less than the British (10)- Three more than Mexicans (6)- Two more than the global average (7)
Why do we have less sex than others in the world. Why do I have less sex than you do?
Wait, does jerking off count? If so, then I’m having sex more than 700 times a year (unless I’m lucky enough to be under strict orders not to.:)). Damn, I should buy stock in a lube company.


i think you’ve made a mathematical error. you said the average american is having sex way way way less than you. and you aren’t counting masturbation.

i think you mean the opposite?

and don’t worry, i bet i have had even less than you in the past year: in 2007 i think i had sex 3 times. in 2008 so far, 0.

And men generally up their numbers (yes, even in anonymous surveys!) while women traditionally lower them.

I think Americans have sex less because they’re in the office all the time and most of us don’t have the guts to lock the door and draw them blinds.

I concern myself with quality not quantity. And hopefully, someday, the quality will come in great, great quantities.

Humm, well our brothers and sisters to the North might be having more sex because they are keeping warm. You have to rub a stick or two to start a fire. 🙂

I’d have to agree with janie, I would rather have quality sex over quantity. And if masterbation doen’t count I’m just shit out of luck, Does thinking about sex count?

Downtown- Yes..damn math.

Janie- you’re right of course, but still, how much do men raise it and women lower it?

Rave- Thinking about sex? Well, if you believe the bible (and I don’t) thinking about sinning is just as bad as doing it.

i think ive slept with 11 guys. thats not including guys i just blew cause i give those rather freely and dont keep track. i tend to only sleep with men once we are in relationships. then i just like to fuck like bunnies – all the time.

i emailed the boy today saying:
youre a great guy and i really really enjoy going out with you, but i cant date someone who seems to not be attracted to me at all

he said:
hey, i knew you were frustrated with me and understandably so. i’m sorry i just haven’t been feeling a spark. your expectations are more than fair and sorry i can’t meet them at this time.

i knew we werent compatible. he was really sweet. and nice. and i would have torn him to shreds. thats why i need a guy thats a bit more dominant – to kind of keep me in my place. no matter how hard i tried, i just couldnt envision him fingering me in public somewhere, and without that, what kind of a relationship would we have?

If men average 13 partners and women average 9, then men are having an awful lot of sex with each other :).

The reason I’m having more sex than you is because I’m Canadian. Obviously.

I think I’ve had about 50 partners, maybe 60. But every 4 days? Hmmm. That’s probably not far off, although there were years when it was more like every 4 months.