Celebrity Dom/Sub

A friend and I like to play this silly game.

We choose celebrities and try to imagine if they’re Dom or Sub in their personal lives.

note: she sometimes insists that any attractive woman will be seen as dominant in my eyes. I disagree but…..maybe she’s right.

So…wanna play?

How’s this?

Natalie Portman and Ben Affleck.


Now the game isn’t who would be Dom Or sub if they were together, I’m just including a guy because…well…..you know..for the ladies.

I say she’s dominant and he’s….well I’m not good with guessing guys but I think I should say sub.


yes I play this game with my friends too. Hmm, Natalie… I could see her as dominant. Ben, however, vanilla to the core.

I see Natalie as sub. I agree with therambler about Ben – I think he’s ‘nilla.

xx Dee

I WANT to see Natalie as dominant, but I think she’s actually sub. And Ben’s just vanilla, believes in “sharing the lead” but really just congratulates himself for not cramping up during doggie style.

Dee- What choo talkin’ ’bout Dee and Janie? C’mon have you seen Closer??

And wow…poor Ben. Though I know many women see me as this sweet mid-western farmboy so….looks can be deceiving.

I think I could totally flip Natalie Portman. She’s got a soft side.

Ben Affleck, I think, would be a brat. He’d definitely need a gag. He may have never thought about it, but I’m 90% certain he’d be incredibly surprised about how much he enjoys being spanked.

You’re totally right about Natalie. And I’m with you. I think Ben is totally sub. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he not only was sub, but enjoyed a strap-on to the core.

I think Natalie could have a Domme side but she’s probably pretty kittenish in bed; Ben – I’d say vanilla. He seems like a typical Boston guy who is into sports, straight sex and drinking…now what do you think his wife, Jennifer Garner is all about?

Speaking of celebs: Jodie Foster – total Domme. I could see Cate Blanchette ruling the roost at home and Maria Bello – definite Domme.

Wow… I think I must be completely out there… I would said the opposite to you and most of your commenters. I would see her as a lazy sub, and him as an unimaginative, stereotypical Dom. Hmmm.

UPDATE: You’re all wrong!
She’s an Uber Domme and he’s..well who care’s it’s Ben Affleck.
So sayeth me.

Ben Affleck would totally let me fuck him in the ass. But I wouldn’t want to go anywhere Matt Damon has already been.

This is the only question I ever ponder about male celebrities. Would they want me to fuck them in the ass?

I guess we all like to ponder our kinks.

You sound pretty confident of the uber-domme label for Portman. Do you know something the rest of us don’t?

Natalie is a switch. Domme to men, sub to women.

Ben is a sub, but is still struggling to accept it. That´s why it didn´t go further with J.LO.

Ben is a total pillow-biting, ‘do me’ bottom.

Nat’s probably a little manipulative and demanding, but not especially kinky in play.