Curious Things

I was asked to make a list of the things I’m most curious about. Thing I’ve had on my must-try-before-I-die list.

Chastity- Maymay wrote about his extended chastity here. Obviously my daydreams aren’t nearly as close as what the reality would probably be. I imagine being locked up and taken out whenever she (whoever she is) wants me. More of an anti-masturbation device than a no-orgasm device. Who knows, maybe she’ll want me locked up for longer durations, or maybe not locked up at all.

CBT- I have limited experience in this area but the hints of it that I’ve experienced have been eye opening. Probably because there are a million wonderfully evil things a woman can do in this area. As with all kinds of pain, it’s limited to those who really get off on giving pain. I hate the idea of feeling pain anywhere but I love the idea of taking the pain for someone who gets off on giving it. Everything from sounds, bondage, clamps, clothespins, you name it and I’m curious about it. The mental image of sounds is enough to make me whimper.

Anal play- I’ve experienced strap-on play a few times. A few times isn’t nearly enough. I’ve only experienced the wonders of the prostate once for maybe a minute. My head nearly exploded. There’s also something very intriguing about plugs and hooks. I have no idea what the appeal of anal play is for a dominant woman. Is it the idea of violating a man? I know what the appeal is on my end of things but the motivation for a woman escapes me. If I knew the motivation it might help me find someone to motivate into doing it.

Predicament Bondage- I was talking to someone the other night who mentioned how much she loved doing it to her boyfriend. I hadn’t thought much about it until I saw how much she loved it. Her face lit up with this genuine evil smile. It’s motivated me enough to read more about it and keep my eyes open for someone with an evil smile.

Electrical play- Nuff said. This is a big question mark for me. I’ve heard it can be either very painful or very pleasurable.

Hypnosis- I’ve heard it’s intense.

Owned- I know now that my previous goal (I wrote about it here) of having a weekend where I was totally owned and controlled by someone is totally unrealistic. Finding someone who wants to own me for a few hours might be more attainable.


Was interesting to read about his CB300 tips, wish I had been able to find something so thorough back when I had my sub bf in chastity.
The longest I had him go without masturbation/orgasm was I believe 2 weeks, but I had him take it off for a thorough cleaning once a week regardless. Was quite a challenge, and an expensive one at that, getting just the right fit.

The lure of anal play? The mere act of being the one entering someone’s body usually puts them in the top position, so to speak. Sure, it’s pleasurable for him (usually) but I am the one in control of it. If it’s pleasurable for him, it’s something I can use as tease and denial, drawing out the lead-up to orgasm. If it’s not…well..then it’s just pain play. I’m not usually an evil top. I like mixing the pleasure with pain, and I don’t have the stomach for extreme pain-giving. I’m just squeamish like that.

since i was a wee one, i have fantasized about have my very own cock attached to my body. that is where strap on play begins with me.

on top of that, as lilly said, there is nothing like entering someone else – though i can’t feel it thoroughly, i can get a sense of it.

it is definitely a bit about control and/or power. the power to ‘give it to someone’ and the power to watch them squirm.

okay, it’s a lot about power – i realize as i search my brain.

(there is a lot of tactile and pressure pleasure, don’t think it doesn’t feel good.)

Oooooh, Anal play is fun from both sides? For me, anally topping is fn on so many levels. For one, and I honestly don’t know why, I just find ass so unbelievably hot it is ridiculous.

Its also very much a trust and power thing. I find both anal partners need to trust each other, and communicate.

I also find it to be one of the most intensely intimate things that any two people can do.

And you, know, large insertions. Oh god. Bowling pins. Yum.

Ive been playing around a lot lately with sounds and what seemed alien at first is now quite a turn-on for me. I love finding the right angle with his cock where you watch the sound completely disappear. Why is it a turn-on for a woman? Well, its obviously not physically a turn on for me, but rather mentally. Im wearing my latex nurse’s uniform and stilettos, in a make shift hospital setting, sliding a sound in a mans cock while rubbing a vibrator along his shaft so that the sensation becomes more intense…the scenery of the whole thing just makes me so wet.
Make sense?

It drives me crazy to perform anal play on a man. Asking what pleasure there is in it is like asking what pleasure is there for a man to go down on a woman, or for a woman to suck a cock. It’s the satisfaction of bringing such intense pleasure to someone. I also find it a tremendous rush when a man does let me play with his anus, because so many men are so squeamish about it. Now you have me craving ass…

sweetie, anal play is all about power, I love having a man submit to me in what I consider one of the most submissive acts for a man. Trust me it turns women like me big time.

Electrical play is really neat. I’ve never had a particularly painful experience with it (although that might be fun) so much as just . . . really intense sensation. It was kind of prickly. A little overwhelming. I guess maybe it hurt, since I couldn’t call it pure pleasure, but mostly I just remember it feeling like a lot of -something.- And very, very hot.

So yes. If you get a chance at it, take the opportunity and enjoy. 🙂

… so if it isn’t too forward, um, why don’t you try a little of the anal play or electricity on yourself? I mean, obviously those things need the juice of fantasy behind them, but so does most sex.