The Future Is Here! 3D Scanned Penis Replicas

Years ago Sade and I…ok Sade tried to replicate my cock by using one of those cast molds that you mix up, get hard and plunge yourself into the molding, do the opposite of thinking about baseball for what felt like an eternity and when we were done we didn’t have a replica of my penis, we had what looked like a plastic model of the space shuttle that had been sitting a little too close to the campfire.

Well my friends the future is here. No longer will you or your partner need to rush to coordinate erections with a failed chemistry set. No more messy cleanup because you thrust yourself into the canister a little too fast. No more worrying you’ll lose your erection because there’s a joke photo of a clown on the fridge and you’re doing this in the kitchen because it’s easier to clean up the above mess.

I’ve mentioned my friends at New York Toy Collective before. They make amazing dildos of various kinds, lovingly crafted right here in NYC and now they’re doing 3D penis scan and replicas with their project Rival Mi.

This isn’t anything new for them, they’ve been doing it for quite a while but now they’ve got even newer scanning equipment.

If you want to learn more just head over to the website, you can find out how they used 3D penis scanning to help someone in need by checkout out the video below.

Note: The tech used to scan is even more modern now than in the video, it doesn’t require anyone else to run the scanner, it’s just you  (a friend can join you in the room if you could use some company/support/inspiration/helping hand)

A Year Of Sex With Mia

You may have heard my friend Mia on her kick-ass podcast, or you may have heard her on mine. If you’re like me you’ve wanted more and more of her adventures in the NYC scene. Well wait no more because she’s written a new book A Year Of Sex.

The book chronicles her adventures in the NYC sex party scene.

Originally I was going to include a few excerpts but instead I decided to simply include some of the chapter names:


And that’s not even half of the chapters.

I asked Mia a few questions I knew her fans would be wondering:

-So what made you decide to go from the podcast taking about your exploits to a book writing about them?

It was a slow and somewhat natural process. I started the podcast because I was interested in producing content in a new media format. And I thought I wouldn’t have much to lose if people didn’t like the podcast. Turns out people liked the podcast. So in time, it made sense to create a book to showcase the stories in long form rather than short form.

-Is it weird that I could read it and I’d still hear your voice? it’s like when I read David Sedaris books, I hear his voice in my head when I read it..but instead of him talking about being and Elf at Macy’s it’s you tailing about sex clubs. Oh shit what if when I’m reading your book I accidentally start reading it in David Sedariss voice?? Fuck! Ok any chance you’re going to make an audiobook version so I can read it in your voice too?

My book read by David Sedaris would be something else. I can hear him wincing each time he has to say “pussy” which in my book is a lot. I would love to do an audio book. But I would rather not self-produce it. So if I can get the interest of a willingly party to produce the audiobook, I’m all in. Any takers?

-There’s a lot from your experiences that could be positive lessons for people who are interested in non-monogomy or swinging. Are there any bits of advice you can offer someone wanting to start down the same path that you wish someone had told you before you started?

I did include some tips for entering into non-monogamy and swinging at the end of my book. I think the one that I had wish I had known is to set realistic expectations. Just because you are going to a sex party does not mean you will end up having sex. You may want to, but it may not work out for a variety of reasons.

-How hard was it to narrow down what experiences would make it in the book?

Narrowing down the experiences was to a certain extent easy. Basically this book is a smut book. So what got left out? All the details that aren’t related to sex and relationships in relation to sex. There is little about my work life, my friends, my family, etc. that I won’t bore your readers with that here.

-What’s the biggest difference between a creepy guy at a sex party and a sexy guy at a sex party?

Confidence and ability to read body language and signals.

-For a book about exciting sexual experiences in New York, there are surprisingly little mentions of me in this book. Have you been getting many complaints about that?

You know, I have. And the unfortunate thing is I can’t appease the audience because you and I have what is although a lovely friendship, not a steamy one. Except for that one time……

-Are you planing another book? Perhaps a more unspeakableaxe-centric one?

Actually this is a great idea. I would like to fancy myself a journalist and write about you and the lovely Sade.

It was so nice of Mia’s agents, handlers, management and personal security to let me have a few moments of her time to get those questions in.

She also has a whole chapter on “Sex Partying with Success”.

Just one of the many many tips: “As a general rule, don’t touch without asking first, unless suggestive eye contact has been made. In an orgy situation, you can’t always have the negotiation conver- sation about what is allowed, so start slow. Stroke the palm, arm, or head of the person you are looking to get involved with. Don’t go directly for their privates.”

And as an extra super bonus, you’ll get her “Sex Partying with Style: Mia’s Playlist”

The book is available on Nook, Kindle, Ibooks, you name it.

Pick it up here (you’ll also find a preview of the book).

What are you doing still reading this? Go get the book!

D/s Lifestyle Workshop May 28th-29th

My friends Eric Pride and Sir Sir Stephen are putting on another great event for those of you who are interested in either starting or enhancing a D/s relationship.

It’s a two-day event that is being offered at cost. Any profits will be donated to lifestyle organizations and causes.   It’ll be held in the ever-awesome Glint Studio (location sent upon registration), If you haven’t seen the Glint Studio yet you don’t know what you’re missing.

They’re packing a lot of information in just two days and there’s limited space so you really should get your tickets ASAP. Details below:

Creating and Living Positive BDSM and Kinky Lifestyle Relationships – A Special Weekend Workshop in New York City, May 28-29, 2011

This two-day workshop is for individuals, couples and families who identify with a kinky or BDSM lifestyle and desire to incorporate it into their daily lives – irrespective of gender identity, sexuality or kink interests. It is intended for anyone who wants to start a new relationship, take an existing one to the next level, or simply wants to learn more about alternative lifestyle relationships.
Major topics include:
  • Finding unique and exciting partners; establishing “strong-bond” relationship habits
  • Identifying the particular advantages/responsibilities that lead to the greatest likelihood of long-term success
  • Maintaining and deepening mutual interest in your current healthy lifestyle relationships using BDSM, sex, and kink
  • Utilizing effective communication tools and skills to address problem resolution, powerful emotions and other complicated BDSM-related concerns as they arise
The series culminates with a “without-a-safety-net” Q&A panel discussion featuring several proven lifestyle couples/families in various relationship structures. For detailed workshop schedule, see below.
Location sent upon registration (in New York City)
Saturday, May 28, from 10 AM to 5:30 PM
Sunday, May 29, from 10 AM to 3 PM
Participants are also invited to attend a private play party on Saturday evening from 7 PM
$95 (early registration discount – you need to register before May 1); $120 (from May 1). Class size is limited… early registration is strongly recommended.

To register click here

The registration fee includes meals (lunches and refreshments on Saturday and Sunday), detailed workshop handouts and workbooks, and the private play party on Saturday evening.
This workshop series is brought to New York City by Eric Pride (click for bio) and Sir Stephen (click for bio), both having their own unique lifestyle households. The event is hosted by GLINT Studio and NYC Kinky Living.
The workshop was first offered as a weekend series throughout October last year in New York City. It was well-attended and received great reviews by Time Out New York (click for article) and workshop participants:
“Within the same week of attending the class with my partner, I noticed many of our issues resolving in a non-confrontational manner…”
“After a very informative class, right at the end Sir Stephen made a final comment that was very insightful for me dealing with my “relationship status”. It was something I had been struggling to find the words for, but his knowledgeable point of view and real life practices made things fall into place.”
“I changed my weekend plans just so I could attend the next lecture!”
Workshop Schedule
Saturday (10A M – 5:30 PM)
  • Crucial First Steps: Creating Foundations for Healthy BDSM Lifestyle Relationships
  • Turning the “Magic Key”: Maintaining Healthy BDSM Lifestyle Relationships and Putting It All Together
  • Q&A
Sunday (10 AM – 3:00 PM)
  • Not Just Roses: Successful Problem Resolution in BDSM and Kinky Lifestyle Relationships
  • Panel Discussion: BDSM Lifestyle Couples Share Their Relationship Experiences
  • Q&A
Classes do not follow the traditional lecture style format. Instead, they are highly interactive and hands-on. Both days allow plenty of time for Q&A. Participants receive detailed course materials and workbooks.
For detailed descriptions of each topic see below.
Crucial First Steps: Establishing & Creating Foundations for Healthy BDSM Lifestyle RelationshipsThis class provides participants with practical information, skills and tools that contribute to establishing and creating BDSM lifestyle relationships with the greatest likelihood of long-term success. We will discuss topics such as:
  • How to begin a relationship (dating)
  • How to build a relationship in ways that will provide the greatest likelihood of long-term success
  • Identifying those elements which make lifestyle relationships unique
  • Distinctive advantages – and responsibilities – that accrue to lifestyle relationships
  • Basic safety issues of the lifestyle
Turning the “Magic Key”: Maintaining Healthy BDSM Lifestyle Relationships
How do we keep the “magic” in our relationships long-term? What tools are available to assist in the maintenance and deepening of healthy and productive lifestyle relationships? In this class we explore and examine techniques and tools that can be used to maintain successful lifestyle relationships over time. This class will cover topics such as:
  • Establishing and refining communication skills
  • How to further deepen our relationships
  • How to keep them fresh and interesting
  • How to fulfill our and our partner(s) sexual, BDSM and kinky needs
Not Just Roses: Successful Problem Resolution in BDSM and Kinky Lifestyle Relationships
How do our alternative relationships differ & compare to “vanilla” ones? Everyday relationships are hard enough to navigate, when you add kink into the mix, it can become more complicated.
This class examines the pitfalls (and solutions) that can occur in BDSM and other kinky relationships. We develop and discuss effective ways in which to address and resolve relationship problems, including topics such as:
  • Dealing with and addressing emotions
  • Steps to successful problem resolution
  • Common issues and problems in alternative and BDSM lifestyle relationships
  • Relationship “contracts”
  • Open, multilateral, and poly relationships
  • How to deal with jealousy
Whether you are currently in or desire to be in a relationship, this class can help you build and maintain happy and long-term bonds.
Panel Discussion: BDSM Lifestyle Couples Share Their Relationship Experiences
The panel discussion aims to explore, compare and contrast the BDSM lifestyle relationships such as Daddy/girl, Mommy/girl, Daddy/boy, D/s and M/s, poly and “weekend warriors”. It will be a unique opportunity to learn from the couples/families represented on the panel as they openly – and without safety net – share their experiences and talk about:
  • How they built and deepened their relationships
  • Their most useful tools for maintaining their relationships
  • Their kinks, BDSM and sexual interaction
  • How they worked their way through difficulties in their relationships
  • . . . and much more!



So, What’s up?

I have to fit a lot into this post.  So much to mention.


Well it’s been a pretty busy year so far.   I’ve had lots of extra freelance work so my days have been filled with the dayjob and my nights with the evening gigs.

On the plus side it means more work.  On the downside it means less time to put in the podcast.  Sometimes it feels like I have to quickly slap one together so I can finish my other work in time.

I still manage to crank one out every other week to my own surprise.  I just managed to pass the 50th episode mark.  And here I thought I’d quit after 10 or so.

Speaking of the podcast, I’m almost done with the long list of interviews I recorded a few months ago so I’ll be doing more interviews starting next month.  If you or someone you know would like to sit in front of a mic for a few just shoot me an email.

Let’s seee…what else:


Sade and I share calendars, syncing our iPhones and Laptops. One day while at work she told me I had better check my calendar and sure enough here’s what I see:


“Be dressed in cod piece sans front piece, collar, leash, nipple clamps, and ballstretcher. Be waiting for me, kneeling with hard cock in hand and dinner for 1 on the table.”


Need I say more?


The Rope Share is back Sunday February 20th.  This time it’s hosted by my friend Tyutumi and Master Mike.

More details can be found here.

While you’re there be sure to take a look at all of the other events coming up at Glint Studios.  If you haven’t been to a class or event there before, you don’t know what your’e missing.  No, really you don’t know what you’re missing and I pity you.

Four Lifestyle Relationship Workshops In October!

If you’ve ever been curious about or are currently in a lifestyle relationship, you’ll want to check out a few workshops in October.

Presented by Sir Eric and Sir Stephen, these workshops will cover a wide range of areas in living in a D/s relationship.

It’s hosted by a great new group, NYC Kinky Living, join the Fetlife group here.

I’ve been lucky enough to catch presentations by both Sir Eric and Sir Stephen in the past and I can’t begin to express how amazing they have been.  I’ve gone to two presentations by Sir Eric this year and both have been outstanding (bonus points when Sir Eric’s wife Lady Christie is presenting with him, rumor has it she may be attending one of the workshops too though I can’t confirm this since the restraining order prevents me from asking her directly).

Sade and I have even been asked to partake in the panel discussion on the 30th.

Tip:  Since you read this blog, you know what I know and you know what I don’t know, please only ask questions that I know the answer to or can at least sound clever coming up with a witty reply.  Oh and if you can ask a question like “Sade, how great is it to own such an incredible slave like Axe?  His charm, wit and sexual skills are legendary and known throughout the land”. It will really make me look good.

Mark your calendars, they will all be held a the LGBT center in NYC.

Click on the descriptions to be taken to the Fetlife event page for each.

October 9 – Crucial First Steps: Creating Foundations for Healthy BDSM Lifestyle Relationships, 1pm-3.30pm

October 17 – Turning the “Magic Key”: Maintaining Healthy BDSM Lifestyle Relationships and Putting It All Together, 1pm-3.30pm

October 23 – Not Just Roses: Tools for Successful Problem Resolution, 1pm-3.30pm

October 30 – Panel Discussion: BDSM Lifestyle Couples Share Their Relationship Experiences, 1pm-3.30pm

Each workshop is $17 if you buy in advance or $20 at the door or you can pay $60 in advance for all four workshops.