The Future Is Here! 3D Scanned Penis Replicas

Years ago Sade and I…ok Sade tried to replicate my cock by using one of those cast molds that you mix up, get hard and plunge yourself into the molding, do the opposite of thinking about baseball for what felt like an eternity and when we were done we didn’t have a replica of my penis, we had what looked like a plastic model of the space shuttle that had been sitting a little too close to the campfire.

Well my friends the future is here. No longer will you or your partner need to rush to coordinate erections with a failed chemistry set. No more messy cleanup because you thrust yourself into the canister a little too fast. No more worrying you’ll lose your erection because there’s a joke photo of a clown on the fridge and you’re doing this in the kitchen because it’s easier to clean up the above mess.

I’ve mentioned my friends at New York Toy Collective before. They make amazing dildos of various kinds, lovingly crafted right here in NYC and now they’re doing 3D penis scan and replicas with their project Rival Mi.

This isn’t anything new for them, they’ve been doing it for quite a while but now they’ve got even newer scanning equipment.

If you want to learn more just head over to the website, you can find out how they used 3D penis scanning to help someone in need by checkout out the video below.

Note: The tech used to scan is even more modern now than in the video, it doesn’t require anyone else to run the scanner, it’s just you  (a friend can join you in the room if you could use some company/support/inspiration/helping hand)