TES Fest Here We Come

For the first time in years Sade and I are headed to to an overnight kink event. TES Fest, a kinky shindig over the fourth of July weekend at a hotel in Jersey.

I know what you’re thinking…Jersey? Well thankfully all the action takes place in a hotel that’s filled with nothing but kinky people No need to hide the kink, no need to worry about what the neighbors might think as you leave the apartment covered in leather and a Richard Nixon mask (hey don’t judge me).

Sade is giving a presentation on how to rock it while wearing a strap-on, I’ll be doing interviews for the podcast in our hotel room and we plan on making a lot of new friends.

Above all l’m looking forward to being able to stay in D/s mode with Sade for a whole weekend without any interruptions.

We even recorded a mini-episode to get ourselves warmed up for it.

One Comment

I may be one of the people NOT saying “Jersey?!”

But I’m from there. I haven’t gone to TESFest, but I have gone to the Geeky Kink Event, which is set up similarly (only kinky people in the entire hotel), and I believe both events may even be in the same exact hotels, just from the looks of it.

Have fun!