Four Lifestyle Relationship Workshops In October!

If you’ve ever been curious about or are currently in a lifestyle relationship, you’ll want to check out a few workshops in October.

Presented by Sir Eric and Sir Stephen, these workshops will cover a wide range of areas in living in a D/s relationship.

It’s hosted by a great new group, NYC Kinky Living, join the Fetlife group here.

I’ve been lucky enough to catch presentations by both Sir Eric and Sir Stephen in the past and I can’t begin to express how amazing they have been.  I’ve gone to two presentations by Sir Eric this year and both have been outstanding (bonus points when Sir Eric’s wife Lady Christie is presenting with him, rumor has it she may be attending one of the workshops too though I can’t confirm this since the restraining order prevents me from asking her directly).

Sade and I have even been asked to partake in the panel discussion on the 30th.

Tip:  Since you read this blog, you know what I know and you know what I don’t know, please only ask questions that I know the answer to or can at least sound clever coming up with a witty reply.  Oh and if you can ask a question like “Sade, how great is it to own such an incredible slave like Axe?  His charm, wit and sexual skills are legendary and known throughout the land”. It will really make me look good.

Mark your calendars, they will all be held a the LGBT center in NYC.

Click on the descriptions to be taken to the Fetlife event page for each.

October 9 – Crucial First Steps: Creating Foundations for Healthy BDSM Lifestyle Relationships, 1pm-3.30pm

October 17 – Turning the “Magic Key”: Maintaining Healthy BDSM Lifestyle Relationships and Putting It All Together, 1pm-3.30pm

October 23 – Not Just Roses: Tools for Successful Problem Resolution, 1pm-3.30pm

October 30 – Panel Discussion: BDSM Lifestyle Couples Share Their Relationship Experiences, 1pm-3.30pm

Each workshop is $17 if you buy in advance or $20 at the door or you can pay $60 in advance for all four workshops.


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