Tied Naked In a Field Of Grass

I told this story to a friend recently and she encouraged me to share it here. Not sure if it’s too much information or not but….well….we’ll see:

I didn’t discover masturbation until later than most. After I did, I made up for lost time.

Growing up on a farm has its advantages. I remember a few days after I discovered orgasms I went out to a secluded field about a mile from the house, stripped naked and got on my back in a field, the sun keeping me warm while a cool breeze flowed over me. I’d spend hours doing this day after day. Hours.

Years and years beforehand I would tie myself up and imagine a strong attractive woman was capturing me. My daydreams weren’t sexual at the time, she’d just capture me and I really hadn’t thought of what she would do to me after capturing me. I’d even tie myself up and imagine different situations where women would abduct me.

After I discovered jerking off I connected the dots of my fantasy of my youth.

“Ahhhh, they’d capture me and fuck me”.

This opened a whole new world for me. I’d grab a handfull of dirty scratchy rope or twine from the barn and head out somewhere. Sometimes I’d tie myself naked to a fence-post with one arm free, other times I’d tie myself to an old rusty piece of farm equipment. I imagined myself being caught in a mechanical torture device where various women (usually Elle Mcpherson and her minions) would need to poke and prod and fuck me as part of some wicked plan (yeah I don’t get it either).

Once I tied myself up and was on the verge of orgasm when I heard a vehicle approaching, I frantically untied the complex knots and got dressed just in time to see a cousin approaching in his pickup. I made up some lame reason why I was out there, had some small talk and after he left I made sure to tie myself up for quick release.

I was a bit paranoid after that and would tie myself up in places that had a good vantage point for the long dirt road that went from our farm to the main road. One such place was on top of a metal grain bin. I remember the excitement of being more than three stories in the air, the feeling of cold metal on the back of my legs, ass and back.

Day after day that summer I would find a new ways to tie myself up, I discovered how lotion made it feel even better. Imagine a young man walking in a field, chasing cattle away from a sturdy tree, making sure they were out of site before he took a big pile of rope an a big bottle of lotion out of his school backpack.

One of my most vivid memories was the time I first ejaculated. For months I would have orgasms but nothing was actually produced from the orgasm. My body just hadn’t hit that point yet. One day that changed.

I had tied myself up with my ankles spread wide on a hay bale.


I used the twine on the bale as a bondage point and had tied one wrist to one side and my ankles spread wide on either side of the bale as I was sprawled on top.

I started having what was one of my usual orgasms but it slowly started to feel different…stronger. I assumed it was because of the bondage but when I finally did achieve orgasm it came over me like a wave. It felt like gallons were coming out of my body. I was frozen with shock as I realized that.. biologically …I was now a man. (or at least I was in my head).

It felt so much more powerful than my old orgasms. I just had to do it again. Still bound I started again and finished again.

And again.

By the time I was finished I my body was covered. I hadn’t planned of course so I didn’t have a towel or anything to wipe it off except for my clothes. Thankfully there was a stream nearby and I quickly bathed in the warm summer sun, threw my clothes on and headed back home.

I added a towel to the items in my school backpack after that.

This is one of many reasons why I’m curious to try outdoor bondage know…a woman someday.

Power Objects

I’ve heard the “oohs” and “aahs” when a dominant is drooling over a new toy or a kinky object that’s made it to their wish list. I’ve witnessed groups of women gather around as they show off their new toy while the others ask questions with big smiles on their faces and voice their jealousy. Their eyes glaze over and you know that whatever it is they’re thinking, it’s not nice.

The level that they geek out over a new toy is similar to the way I look and sound when I’m looking at a brand new Macbook Pro.   

Only when they do it, it’s sexy.

What’s running through the mind of a dominant when they’re holding a new toy or when they’re browsing a website for some new device? Are they thinking how the crop will make them feel or how it will make the lucky victim feel?

I’ve found that some activities put me into a deeper sub-space than others. Feeling something lock around my ankles and wrists or feeling rope circle around my skin doesn’t make me feel more submissive to the person but it does put me in a deeper headspace. A thwack from one crop may make me feel toyed with while another crop from the same person can make me feel like a piece of meat.

But I’m wondering if the reverse is true to the dominant.

Does locking someone up make a dominant feel more powerful? Does holding a leash connected to a collar bring a feeling of power and control as well?

Do some items do it more than others?

Random Stuff For The New Year

Just a few random thoughts to throw your way.

-I’ve added a mini-banner to ClubFEM NYC on the left-hand side. I once wrote about my first experience going to one of their parties here. They have probably the biggest munch in NYC and their parties are memorable to say the least. I’m planning on going to more munches and more parties again this year (I need to get over the shyness of showing my bare ass in public) and hope to see you there.

-I’m running a bit low on Found Femdom images in the media. If you come upon any, feel free to email them to me. My address can be found on the right hand side in my Facebook profile link.

-My back is getting a bit better every day. Thanks to everyone who’s emailed advice and concern. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know you care. Or maybe that’s just the Vicodin.

-You may notice that I’ve been sounding considerably less desperate lately. That’s due to my being less desperate. While I’ve been having a number of new experiences lately it’s hard for me to post about them for some reason. I have a few unfinished drafts yet they remain that way until I can finish processing them. I will say that I’ve got a rope burn on my wrist that’s been there for a few weeks now, my mouth and other parts have been put to good use a few times, not to mention having had a tender bottom on more than one occasion.

-My tax return will be here in less than a month. It won’t be much but I keep having an internal fight over what I should do with the cash.

Pay off some debt? Or maybe use the money to get almost half-way to saving up for….


…a Macbook Pro.

Fuck it’s so tempting.

What do do what to do??

This is where being in a Female led relationship would come in handy. She could simply tell me the smart thing to do would be to pay off deb but nooooooo I need to be single right now and deal with temptation. I don’t do well with temptation.

A friend suggested I put up a donate button on the blog but I don’t feel comfortable doing that. Plus, if i did, every post would be about how I need people to donate so I can get my Mac fetish fix. This blog would become the kinky version of an NPR pledge drive.

Improve Your Kink And Help A Friend

One of my good friends was recently diagnosed with cancer. She’s actually someone I’ve blogged about before, someone who’s loved by many people in and out of the scene. Here’s a chance for you to help while improving your kink skills at the same time. Imagine being able to feel good about a good deed while doing something that feels good all by itself. You get to double your pleasure!

If you can’t make the first one on the 27th, no worries, there will be more in the future. Hell, I’ll even let you tie me up (or promise to never ask you to tie me up if that’ll get you to help). Remember the donation minimum is only $25 bucks for rope instruction by people that could easily charge you a few grand for the same info. Feel free to donate more.

The Rope Share

Date/time: Sept 27th, Saturday, 1pm

Location: The Dojo
Donation: $25- and up/per person
Instructors: DeLano, Andy, and Yin assistant: Michele Serchuk

The Rope Share is a bondage workshop that is structured to fit your skill levels and interests. There are three highly skilled, bondage instructors and a teaching assistant. The attendance will be limited to 12 students and divided into three groups so you will get individual attention and tutoring.

If you are a beginner, an instructor will teach you the basics of safety, negotiations, and the elemental ties needed to start your bondage exploration. If you are an intermediate player and are interested in advancing your rope skills, are curious about how to tie a certain harness or position, or want to learn more about body positions and how certain ties affect your bottom’s headspace, this is a perfect environment to ask those questions. If you are an advanced player and want to see how other rope tops tie, how different styles can enhance your own, this is a safe, non-ego space to hang out and play.

Couples are encouraged to attend together, but singles are also welcome as this will be held in a lab environment. Please be open to dance both parts for the sake of the education.

Bring Rope: 4 lengths of 25 ft. rope; 2 lengths of 50 ft.; and safety scissors. Cotton, nylon, hemp, and jute are all fine.

ALL proceeds will be donated to benefit our dear friend and rope bondage enthusiast, as she fights the battle of Lymphoma B cancer. We plan to continue this workshop as a monthly event for as long as it is necessary. Future workshops will include Men-only and Women-only attendance so please inquire about those dates if that is a concern.

To sign up, contact Yin at [email protected]. For the men’s-only workshop, please contact Andy at [email protected]. Title the subject line as “Rope Share Sign Up” and include the following information in your email:

1. Your name (Scene name or legal)
2. Contact number and email address
3. Rope bondage experience and skill level (Please be brief)
4. What you are interested in learning
5. How you heard about this workshop

Sign up now as places are expected to fill quickly! Beginners to advance rope players are all welcome!! If you have never tried rope bondage before, but are curious to learn, this is a safe space to share and learn as a top or a bottom!

The Party Part 1: Bent In Half And Shredded.

I don’t write about my play experiences often for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that I know I’d never do it justice. It’s been suggested that I write about some of my rare but wonderful experiences just to let you knot that it’s not a total wasteland of play for me. With that in mind, I’ve decided to write more often about it. I always make sure I send a draft to the person in question just so there aren’t any surprises and so they can correct anything that may have been all in my mind.

So, with that in mind:

I was at a private play party with a few friends a while back. Private parties are by far the best for me compared to going to clubs. It’s the difference between flying first class and taking the bus.

As the evening rolled along and people were pairing off to play with one another, I found myself having casual conversations and trying to build up the courage to ask someone to play.

It’s always such an awkward thing. How do you phrase it without sounding especially weird? So very very awkward. Every time I’ve asked if someone wanted to play it’s always code:

“Is there anything I can do for you”? (Translation = “Really, I mean it, please…anything?”)

I was just about to ask someone when she beat me to the punch.

“Want to do some rope bondage?”

I tried to act casual about it and not seem over-excited but I think I said “Yes please” before she even said “…do some bondage”.

I asked if there was anything I should take off and she asked that I take my jeans off. Just hearing those words out of her mouth made bite my lip and tried to keep myself from getting visibly hard through my boxer briefs.

She directed me to sit cross-legged and sitting with her legs over mine facing me and crafted a rope harness around my head with rope covering my eyes. While she was tying my ankles together I hoped she couldn’t tell how turned on I was. That hope was lost when she put her foot on my crotch and pushed me further away from the wall.

“Hell, NOW she knows”, I thought.

It’s possible she saw how serious I looked, I was trying to stay cool and not get too swept away. Her finger gently rubbed underneath my bottom lip, I started to grin and asked what she was doing.

“Just finding your smile”, she said.

Sigh. I could relax now.

She tied my wrist together then the rope harness pulled down to my ankles. I was folded in half with my head to my ankles. She stood up, put her hand on my head (a gesture that far too easily puts me into emotional submission) and I thought how good it felt to be tied by her.

I was glad she asked me to play and I assumed she would be untying me seconds later.

But she wasn’t finished yet.

She pulled my shirt up over my shoulders exposing my back. I felt her hands run over my skin then felt a sharp punch to my back followed by a few slaps. With every punch I fought the urge to thank her for the attention.

Her fingernails were next, carving into both of my shoulder blades back and forth, back and forth. Slapping, punching, clawing.

It’s all a blur in my head but I remember having tiny flashes of mini-thoughts go through my mind.

“Fuck this is heaven”
“Please don’t stop”
“I hope she knows I don’t mind being made to bleed”
“This is what winning the lottery feels like”

She slowed down by gently touching my back for a moment and then I felt a drop of her warm saliva run down my spine.

I think I whimpered.

She began to untie me and I was again trying to act calm and cool, I started to thank her when she put her fingers to her lips and gave me a “shhhhh”.

I almost whimpered again.

I was thrilled, giddy and trying not to smile from ear to ear. I knew I’d be smiling for days and I’d be walking to the subway with an extra spring in my step.

The evening had more in store for me however.

More pain and more smiles.

To be continued…