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Random Stuff For The New Year

Just a few random thoughts to throw your way.

-I’ve added a mini-banner to ClubFEM NYC on the left-hand side. I once wrote about my first experience going to one of their parties here. They have probably the biggest munch in NYC and their parties are memorable to say the least. I’m planning on going to more munches and more parties again this year (I need to get over the shyness of showing my bare ass in public) and hope to see you there.

-I’m running a bit low on Found Femdom images in the media. If you come upon any, feel free to email them to me. My address can be found on the right hand side in my Facebook profile link.

-My back is getting a bit better every day. Thanks to everyone who’s emailed advice and concern. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know you care. Or maybe that’s just the Vicodin.

-You may notice that I’ve been sounding considerably less desperate lately. That’s due to my being less desperate. While I’ve been having a number of new experiences lately it’s hard for me to post about them for some reason. I have a few unfinished drafts yet they remain that way until I can finish processing them. I will say that I’ve got a rope burn on my wrist that’s been there for a few weeks now, my mouth and other parts have been put to good use a few times, not to mention having had a tender bottom on more than one occasion.

-My tax return will be here in less than a month. It won’t be much but I keep having an internal fight over what I should do with the cash.

Pay off some debt? Or maybe use the money to get almost half-way to saving up for….


…a Macbook Pro.

Fuck it’s so tempting.

What do do what to do??

This is where being in a Female led relationship would come in handy. She could simply tell me the smart thing to do would be to pay off deb but nooooooo I need to be single right now and deal with temptation. I don’t do well with temptation.

A friend suggested I put up a donate button on the blog but I don’t feel comfortable doing that. Plus, if i did, every post would be about how I need people to donate so I can get my Mac fetish fix. This blog would become the kinky version of an NPR pledge drive.

More Spoiling And Some Toe Curling


I had no clue that there would be so much interest in this subject. It was a post I just threw up there, something that happened to me years ago.

A number of people have made their opinions known on the subject.

Eileen’s take on the subject makes me wish there were more Eileens in the world. (Stop hogging her Maymay)

There are lots of other people chiming in like PaganKinktress, Juxtaposedme, Rona, Kansas and Coriander.

I do have to disagree with Coriander’s assertion:

“Submissive men don’t adore women in cheap shoes. They adore the ones in the 1000$ thigh-high boots, the perfect bodies in the expensive lingerie, the Bitches with designer handbags, the Fetish Queens in latex and leather. I have not yet seen a single site devoted to the worship of a woman in cheap sneakers and white cotton comfortably cut panties. The women they worship have perfectly manicured nails and lips painted to succulent redness.”

I could care less about the clothes. In fact, isn’t naked better than anything else? I’d drool over a woman who’s confident in cheap sneakers and sweatpants over thigh-high boots any day. Plus, thigh-highs don’t show as much leg so….

Where was I?

Oh yeah.

I was pretty naive when the woman in question asked me to get coffee and go shopping. I was still new to New York and couldn’t imagine someone wanting me to pay for their shopping spree upon first meeting. Now if someone were to mention shopping, I’d know what she meant by it. Someone much wiser in the ways of the world pointed out the fact that she didn’t hide the idea of shopping from me. It’s just that I was too new to the area to know what shopping meant.

A submissive guy emailed me and it started an interesting conversation:

Him: I’m curious, how much were the shoes? And how hot was she?

Me: They were around 250 I think and she was very attractive.

Him:So she was very hot and dominant? And the price of admission was this pair of shoes? Ok, so assume the average ‘date’ is costing you $75. That’s like three mediocre dates that don’t give you anything… while this hottie who is dominant is willing to give you a chance. Hey, just the opportunity to walk behind her carrying her shoes would be kind of hot. Just a thought.

Me: I think you’re forgetting one point. I had nowhere near 250 bucks.

Him: Charge it.

Me: Buddy, I couldn’t if my life depended on it.

Him: Fair enough.

An email from someone I used to be intimate with ended this topic on a much happier note:

“Your pussy eating skills are worth more than a truckload of expensive shoes. She’s unfortunate for missing out on something far more valuable”.

I’m feeling much better about my empty wallet after reading that.

Suspending My Campaign…For a Domme

My dear readers,

Upon the sudden (or seemingly so) financial crisis, I’ve decided that the country needs my help and I simply cannot continue looking for casual sex while the wealthiest Americans aren’t making as much money as they were before. Granted, they’re still making more money in a month than most Americans will see in their lifetime, but it’s just not fast enough. I’ve heard horrible stories of rich white men who have had to sell their vacation homes or who have had to settle for dining out at Per Se only twice a week. It’s because of this crisis that I’ve decided to suspend my campaign for kinky sex.

Oh I know, you’re going to say that I looked at the poll numbers and found that a majority of dominant women have no interest in erecting me for their pleasure. This could not be further from the truth. This isn’t some gimmick where I’m hoping that women everywhere will see me putting country first and begin to swoon.

Others might say that I’m simply giving up because I’ve realized that I’m just not that attractive and therefore have no hope in finding someone. I couldn’t disagree more. The fundamentals of my sex appeal remain strong. Despite evidence to the contrary and despite what everyone says about me, the fundamentals of my sex appeal remain strong.

I know many of you read my blog and enjoy debating the various aspects of my failed attempts. While I enjoy a good debate, we must look to the greater good and put all debates on hold. Please understand that this doesn’t mean I’m not prepared for a debate, nor does it mean that I’m worried that another debate would decrease my chances of winning the affection of a woman who would elect me to worship her body.

I plan on suspending my campaign until I’m confident that the economy is stable and strong once again.

Or until I have the opportunity to have sex again.

Hey, I don’t love my country THAT much.

Found Femdom: Mount Everest

A big thanks to the reader who send this one in. WOW! This made my week.

Apparently this was a shoot for a number of different products in some fancy shmancy magazine.

Cream cotton blend jacket from CoStume National Homme.. blah blah blah blah blah blah. Cream chiffon dress by Alessandro Dell’ Acqua.

But who gives a flying fuck about all that, the important part is that the woman on top is Adriana Lima.

Is there anyone who knows how I can get a job as a facesitting model? If I were that guy I might as well go home after a photo shoot like that. Call it a day, you’re done. You’ve reached the peak of Everest. Now you can just retire and spend the rest of your days telling tales about the day a Victoria’s Secret model sat on your face.

“Hey Bob, what did you do at work today?”

“Oh the usual, Adriana Lima’s vagina was rubbing against my mouth for a few minutes and I have photographic proof to back it up. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to spend the next few days jerking off nonstop”.


What The Hell Is Slave Training

I’ve had the imagine of being trained by someone stuck in my head for a while now. As someone who wouldn’t mind (understatement) being owned by a woman someday, you’d think I’d know what that means, but I don’t.

Oh I’ve been asked how I’ve been trained. My only answer is that I haven’t.

I’d imagine it depends on the goals right? The goal would be…….too…serve..the dominant…better?

Obviously it has something do to with something. I know it’s not nothing.

There are websites that deal with slave training, most talk about getting deeper submission out of the submissive and reaching a point of “total slavery”.

Total slavery? I have no idea what that means. Sign me up though!

A simple google search brought up Best Slave Training. I just breezed through it. Part of me didn’t want to read any of it since it might spoil it for a future woman that want’s to train me. It would be like learning how a movie ends before you go and see it.

In my mind’s eye I imagine it’s about just learning all of the small things that make her happy.

I’ll occasionally daydream about it both sexually and non-sexually. Since I can’t focus on one specific person that means that random women on the street will be the subject of my slave training daydreams.

I’ll see a woman on the subway and think:

-How does she like her breakfast?
-What body part turns her on the most when she’s kissed?
-How does she like her coffee?
-Maybe she’d like it if I met her at the door every day to take her coat.
-Does she prefer her clit sucked gently or hard?
-Holy shit what if she’s submissive??? I’m daydreaming for no reason! Oh who am I kidding she probably has a boyfriend. Crap she’s getting off on the next stop!

Ok maybe everything I think of as training, others think of as just learning to be a good boyfriend. Hey, I’m working on a blank slate here.

By the way, I think I may have hit a new low when my service/sexual fantasies revolve around women I have little chance of speaking to much less seeing again. I’ll admit I sometimes hope I’ll see their profiles later on one of the many BDSM dating sites I’m on.