Random Stuff For The New Year

Just a few random thoughts to throw your way.

-I’ve added a mini-banner to ClubFEM NYC on the left-hand side. I once wrote about my first experience going to one of their parties here. They have probably the biggest munch in NYC and their parties are memorable to say the least. I’m planning on going to more munches and more parties again this year (I need to get over the shyness of showing my bare ass in public) and hope to see you there.

-I’m running a bit low on Found Femdom images in the media. If you come upon any, feel free to email them to me. My address can be found on the right hand side in my Facebook profile link.

-My back is getting a bit better every day. Thanks to everyone who’s emailed advice and concern. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know you care. Or maybe that’s just the Vicodin.

-You may notice that I’ve been sounding considerably less desperate lately. That’s due to my being less desperate. While I’ve been having a number of new experiences lately it’s hard for me to post about them for some reason. I have a few unfinished drafts yet they remain that way until I can finish processing them. I will say that I’ve got a rope burn on my wrist that’s been there for a few weeks now, my mouth and other parts have been put to good use a few times, not to mention having had a tender bottom on more than one occasion.

-My tax return will be here in less than a month. It won’t be much but I keep having an internal fight over what I should do with the cash.

Pay off some debt? Or maybe use the money to get almost half-way to saving up for….


…a Macbook Pro.

Fuck it’s so tempting.

What do do what to do??

This is where being in a Female led relationship would come in handy. She could simply tell me the smart thing to do would be to pay off deb but nooooooo I need to be single right now and deal with temptation. I don’t do well with temptation.

A friend suggested I put up a donate button on the blog but I don’t feel comfortable doing that. Plus, if i did, every post would be about how I need people to donate so I can get my Mac fetish fix. This blog would become the kinky version of an NPR pledge drive.


MacBook Pro, all the way. That thing’s f’ing gorgeous.

And you should *totally* put a donation button on your site. People come to your blog for entertainment, yes? The MBP is a tool with which you will more effectively and efficiently produce that entertainment. Therefore, it’s totally acceptable to give you about five bones to help you get it. I’m guessing that if even 10% of your visitors gave you $5 you’ve be more than able to get that very, very sexy computer.

Axe – I could tell you what to do, but first I’d need to know the size of your debt, what type of interest rates you’re getting, and whether or not you would put that new computer to good use by writing lots of dirty stories.

My thought is this… you’ll probably end up buying the Mac anyway so you’ll just be prepaying debt off anyway so you might as well just get the computer!!

Darling, what makes you think that a Domina would lead you to pay off debt? It all depends on the mindset of the Domina.

Personally, I believe that there will always be debt – long after you’re dead, so live for NOW. Get the MacBook Pro and enjoy the moment. Through joy We can grow and who knows? Maybe the computer ease will allow your creativity to guide you to creating some kind of multi-million dollar venture where debt no longer exists as a word in your vocabulary. Everything is a possibility.

And congratulations on releasing desperation. It NEVER works for you.

I am SO intrigued. I only found your blog recently and have lapped (no pun intended) it up. I have noticed that you’ve sounded less needy recently (I kinda liked that about you though!!) but I now NEED to know why.
C’mon, it’s freezing in the UK and a few juicy stories would warm me up no end!

Incidently, on my blog I sometimes struggle to write about certain experiences and they stay as drafts for ages, some things are easier to write about than others I guess. HOwever, no one reads my blog so I’m not frustrating any poor readers by not sharing!!!

I would plead but it’s not in my nature and you’re not mine so I can’t order you which leaves me in the hands of your good nature!

Miss Drew

Wet blanket here. Personally, I’d use the tax return money towards paying down the debt (especially if it’s credit cards). But since it’s up to you, you should ask yourself what will ultimately improve your life–less debt or a shiny, new toy?

I’d say weigh what you need versus what you want. I have a Mac, and I love it, but I also need it for the kind of work that I do, it’s powerful enough to meet all of my needs and then some, and I love it for that (being a total power slut), but I knew getting a Mac that being able to game on it and do other things were it were very limited choices because the Mac isn’t as well developed as the PC is for certain activities and vice versa. But if you don’t think you’re giving up anything major, then I say go for it. They are delightful computers, very powerful. And if the notebook has a linux based option go for it; it makes ALL the difference.

And of course, nothing beats getting it in the mail and opening it up and having that total geek-orgasm. I was delighted to discover it also plays a song when you turn it on for the first time.

“…you should ask yourself what will ultimately improve your life–less debt or a shiny, new toy?”

Shiny new toy, every time.

Get the mac (only cause I support geekiness) and I’m looking forward to getting to read these “drafts” … waits impatiently. Good to see the desperation levles have changed tempo. x

Those who are giving you advice to buy the laptop are giving you terrible advice.

Pay off the debt. The debt will eat you alive (compound interest is a killer), and then once you’re debt free, getting the Macbook is much easier and more rewarding.

And then you still have the shiny Macbook as the pot of gold to treat yourself to when you’re out of debt. Even if that’s in the future.

And in case you don’t believe me, here is the explanation with pretty charts: http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com/blog/tip-21-save-thousands-by-pre-paying-your-debt

Get the new MacBook Pro or, if you want to save yourself $1k, get yourself the MacBook which is what I now have. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have a new laptop that just works well. My old PB G4 12″ was running on fumes [after six years of heavy use] and just needed to be upgraded. I love this new MacBook and it matches my iPod Touch perfectly… I know it’s cash… but think about how much you’re going to use it. I use mine all day long.