Improve Your Kink And Help A Friend

One of my good friends was recently diagnosed with cancer. She’s actually someone I’ve blogged about before, someone who’s loved by many people in and out of the scene. Here’s a chance for you to help while improving your kink skills at the same time. Imagine being able to feel good about a good deed while doing something that feels good all by itself. You get to double your pleasure!

If you can’t make the first one on the 27th, no worries, there will be more in the future. Hell, I’ll even let you tie me up (or promise to never ask you to tie me up if that’ll get you to help). Remember the donation minimum is only $25 bucks for rope instruction by people that could easily charge you a few grand for the same info. Feel free to donate more.

The Rope Share

Date/time: Sept 27th, Saturday, 1pm

Location: The Dojo
Donation: $25- and up/per person
Instructors: DeLano, Andy, and Yin assistant: Michele Serchuk

The Rope Share is a bondage workshop that is structured to fit your skill levels and interests. There are three highly skilled, bondage instructors and a teaching assistant. The attendance will be limited to 12 students and divided into three groups so you will get individual attention and tutoring.

If you are a beginner, an instructor will teach you the basics of safety, negotiations, and the elemental ties needed to start your bondage exploration. If you are an intermediate player and are interested in advancing your rope skills, are curious about how to tie a certain harness or position, or want to learn more about body positions and how certain ties affect your bottom’s headspace, this is a perfect environment to ask those questions. If you are an advanced player and want to see how other rope tops tie, how different styles can enhance your own, this is a safe, non-ego space to hang out and play.

Couples are encouraged to attend together, but singles are also welcome as this will be held in a lab environment. Please be open to dance both parts for the sake of the education.

Bring Rope: 4 lengths of 25 ft. rope; 2 lengths of 50 ft.; and safety scissors. Cotton, nylon, hemp, and jute are all fine.

ALL proceeds will be donated to benefit our dear friend and rope bondage enthusiast, as she fights the battle of Lymphoma B cancer. We plan to continue this workshop as a monthly event for as long as it is necessary. Future workshops will include Men-only and Women-only attendance so please inquire about those dates if that is a concern.

To sign up, contact Yin at [email protected]. For the men’s-only workshop, please contact Andy at [email protected]. Title the subject line as “Rope Share Sign Up” and include the following information in your email:

1. Your name (Scene name or legal)
2. Contact number and email address
3. Rope bondage experience and skill level (Please be brief)
4. What you are interested in learning
5. How you heard about this workshop

Sign up now as places are expected to fill quickly! Beginners to advance rope players are all welcome!! If you have never tried rope bondage before, but are curious to learn, this is a safe space to share and learn as a top or a bottom!


Damn, I would love to attend this, I really want to learn rope basics (can you learn them if you’re the one going to be tied up? lol) but NYC just isn’t close enough for me 🙁

well pooh this sounds like something I’d go to even if it weren’t for a good cause but also too far. Too bad, tying you up sounds like fun to me.

MY apologies: Andy’s email address is: [email protected].
Contact him regarding October’s men’s workshop.

I’m very sorry to hear of your friend’s illness. I know all too well how difficult this must be for both of you. My thoughts are with you both.

My closest female friend had her 11-year-old son diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on July 25th. (which prompted my first published blog)

I applaud you for becoming part of the cure and not the problem. Your friend will undoubtedly need more support than you could ever imagine during the INEVITABLE recovery.

My thoughts are also with you.