Dark Odyssey

I looked into going to Dark Odyssey on Valentines. I spoke to a few people about it, some said I really needed to go, others said it’s fun but not anything entirely different from what I’ve been to. It’s less BDSM focused than TESFest, Floating World, MAST and other events. Again I have no clue if Dark Odyssey would be my kinda thing or not. I did have an IM conversation with someone who has gone in the past:

Her: What do you want to experience at D.O.?

Me: I want to play with a woman I’m attracted to.

Her: Did you get any at Tes Fest?

Me: Define “get any”.

Her: Did you have any from of sex?

Me: No

Her: What were you going to say?

Me: Calico grabbed my butt for about a half a second and another woman helped me pick out a cock ring.

Her: Have you ever used the cock ring?

Me: No

Her: Money well spent. What about Floating World?

Me: No

Her: MAST?

Me: No

Her: What was your feeling coming away from all of these events?

Me: I think I said “I could have stayed at home and not had sex, why spend money to go somewhere and not have sex?”. It was nice to see friends though.

Her: You can see friends any time you want. I think you probably shouldn’t go to anything like this again unless you’re going with a woman who is going specifically to fuck you. I can see why you’d feel down after going to a weekend play party where everyone is having sex but you.

Me: Well, I wasn’t the only one not having sex.

Her: These places, they keep selling sex, you keep buying but you never get any. Are you stupid? Stop giving them their money! You would love D.O. if you had someone to fuck you but you don’t. Focus on looking for someone who wants to go with you, then you’ll have fun. Do you have any interest in the classes?

Me: Why would I want to go to a class and watch something that no one at the class will want to do to me? If I wanted to hear someone talk about something I’ll never experience, I’d go to church.

Her: Zing! You’re angry. I like you when you’re angry.

Me: Not angry, just feisty.

Her: I like you when you’re feisty then.

Me: I’m going to copy and paste this into my blog.

Her: You’re a big nerd for having a blog.

I should say that there have been many classes that I have enjoyed, but I was riled up at the moment.

TESFest. Do I Pack Condoms?

Originally I was going to be in Europe for my Euro-Kink-Tour-Sextravaganza but that’s been pushed off to early next month. Good news is that I get to spend time with friends at TesFest. It’s basically and entire hotel filled with only kinky people.

I’m looking forward to it. I’m sharing a room with two other friends. Two attractive women and myself. Jealous???? They’re in beds and I’m on the floor.

I’ve gone to Black Rose, Floating World, MAST and a few other similar events and if TESFest is anything like those I know not to go with any expectations other than having a good time socializing and making new friends. That’s not a bad thing of course, but I have a totally different set of expectations. I was talking to one female buddy who has a different set of expectations:

Friend: “I can’t wait! I’m going to have so much sex with so many cool people! I already have 5 play dates setup.”

Me: “Good for you!”

Friend: “How many play dates do you have set up?”



It feels weird to look at the community area and see that they have a special section just for making play dates. Play dates (one assumes) are basically hookups. People will post what kinky things they’re into and hope that someone will respond with interest . It’s really very… interesting.

Everyone I talk to keeps talking about how huge and elaborate the dungeon will be. I’m sure it will be very cool. I’m just happy that the hotel has a bar.

Do I pack condoms? Packing condoms would basically be an admission that I’m not only hoping to have sex but planning on having sex. Bringing condoms means your planning to have sex. If I bring condoms and don’t have sex then the condoms will be a reminder of the fact that I didn’t have sex yet I was planning on it. It’s a failed plan. However, if I don’t bring condoms and don’t have sex I can always say “oh well, it’s no biggie, I didn’t bring condoms anyway”.

It’s like when I was 16 and carried the same condom in my wallet for over a year. Eventually it made a permanent ring in the leather of my wallet and it eventually became a constant reminder of my not being able to find someone up for using it with me. I ended up throwing the wallet and the unused condom away out of frustration.

I’m debating on the condoms. Either way TESFest should be a good time.

After all, they have beer! Fingers crossed that they have Brooklyn Lager on tap.

Funny Emails From Vanilla Woman

So I’ve joined Nerve.com after a very very long break. My profile only briefly mentions kink in any way but I’m not going to hide it. I don’t want to waste my time with someone who isn’t aware of what she’s getting into. Sure if I were made of money it would be a different story. Not to mention I hate going through the motions of acting vanilla only to have the woman freak out and get pissed that I didn’t mention my submission from the beginning. The majority of the profile is very clean and does make me sound pretty vanilla actually. I talk about growing up on a farm, my musical tastes, what I enjoy in life ect.

Over the past few day’s I’ve had some interesting emails.

I emailed one woman and had this response:

“Sorry, there can only be one sub in the bedroom, and it has to be me! But I am sure we’ll both find what we’re looking for.


Ok, well, at least she was nice.

-After one woman winked at me I sent her an email thanking me for the wink. She then read my profile further and replied with this:

“so sometimes i’ll casually hurl a wink based on raw instinct/curiosity, without dissecting a profile too much … didn’t catch the BDSM “Update” section …
i’m actually very open-minded about the whole delicious world of sex and touch, but hawking for partners online seems … skeevy.
(and unless your recent dates have been nuns, i think you’ll find women are open to lots of things, once they feel safe & trust the guy …)
thanks for emailing, still seem like a cool guy, just don’t want to mislead you into thinking i own handcuffs.”

I wanted to reply with “oh? You must know a lot about dating vanilla women. They really seem open do they? Wow, I’ll remember that next time a woman says “eww” to me when I mention BDSM. Oh and thanks for calling me skeevy. I feel great about myself now.

-Another woman was very nice with her lack of interest.

“It’s funny, i imagine that the statistics are stacked against you a little bit. If you are lucky enough to get a kinky girl – i bet its probably more likely she is going to be submissive. Culturally, i imagine that is just a how it goes more often than not. but, I’m sure they are out there. . . . and you seem like a great guy and deserve it all – good luck out there.”

-Yet another tried to offer some helpful advice

“I think you’re looking in the wrong place for a kinky girl. I am sure there are lots of women on websites like alt. If you join a group like tes.org/beta I’m sure you will meet someone in no time.”

Well at least she was trying to help.

One woman has said she’d be up for getting drinks sometime as long as I didn’t show up wearing “leather and spikes”. That’s much better luck than I expected.

Putting away my leather and spikes now and hope she emails back soon.

Random Ramblings

A few random thoughts:

-I put an ad up on Craigslist yet again last night, the headline: “Who Do I Have To Fuck Around Here To Meet A Dominant Woman?”. I thought it was funny but some thought it sounded desperate or jaded. No matter, I had the same response as the sincere and non desperate posts I put up as well.

-I got an email from TES asking why I hadn’t renewed my membership. I told them that, while I am glad they exist, they really need to do more to encourage dominant women. Maybe having a dominant women’s only group or something. I know too many women who describe most of the submissive men at TES as “creepy”. The last Dominant women/submissive men meeting I was at had around 20 men and 2 women. I’m not exaggerating. I’m sure I’ll still renew my membership. Just not yet.

-I reopened my OK Cupid profile last night. Vanilla ice-cream is better than no ice-cream. Though, I’ll admit my profile mentions kink so I’m sure that will keep them away until I make my profile vanilla.

-I have my RSS Reader automatically mark any dominant women posting on craigslist. I have maybe twenty keywords that will flag it and bring it to my attention. I stopped doing this last year but I decided to start again. Below is an image from the most common post from a dominant woman.

Click the image for a larger version.

-I need a drink.