Euro Trip: A Photo Review

While it wasn’t the Euro-Kink-Tour-Sextravaganza. It was more like the Euro-non-kink-tour-hopetojerkofflaterinthehotelroom.

I did have a blast with my best friend however.

Here’s a photo tour:

Coffee on the tube.


London Beer.

London Legs

French Herbie

Via Eiffel.

French beer.

On the way back from Paris.

In Search Of Le Kink In Paris

This is the view from the hotel room.


The view inside the hotel room is quite different.

I’m located next to Gare De L’est, I believe that’s french for “If you can see this, you can probably smell mildew”.

The A/C doesn’t work but there is free Wifi. I’ll take the wifi any day.

I’m on zero sleep for more than a day now, my best friend is out cold yet I’m tempted to go to the parts of town some new friends in London suggested I check out in search of BDSM in Paris.

One Londoner told me that Paris was not the best place to look for BDSM or anything more than fetish. One woman told me, “The dominant women there like to look like they can beat your ass and fuck you, they don’t actually want to beat your ass and fuck you”.

My best friend and I have gone to two kink events in the past three nights we’ve been in Europe. I can tell you that there’s a big separation between fashion and passion in London. (Fashion and pasison? Fuck I really am on zero sleep).

I’ll give a full recap of the fun had in London later (no sex or anything but made lots of new friends), right now I’m torn between taking a long nap that will probably result in my waking up 8 hours from now, or heading out to find the closest group of kinky people.

My limited experience (20 minutes) in Paris seem to disagree with the theory that Parisians are rude. I’ve actually met some very nice people who have been more than happy to give me advice and a smile.

Thanks to my Iphone’s GPS, navigating is much easier than it would have been otherwise.

Though, google maps doesn’t come up with anything when I do a search for “woman with a whip, a love of oral worship and a desire to sexually abuse tall New York City boys”.

Fuck the nap, the search is on…..

Problems With Acting Submissive

Hello from London! I’m terribly sleep deprived but found a little cafe with free wifi and it gave me a chance to show you this gem.

Medieval chastity devices???


Badman has an interesting post filled with some great comments on the issue of presenting myself as a submissive to women.

One woman left a comment: “I enjoy being dominant but find myself repulsed by a man who says he is submissive. “

Later she wrote “After speaking with Bad Man about your issues I’ve come to believe one thing: you’d be best served by paying for what you want.”

Ouch. That sucks eggs.

Troy’s comment was considerably more helpful: “Where I see axe go wrong sometimes is that he puts his submission first: objectifying his own sexual orientation in the same way he objectifies the women he hopes will dominate him. If he’d only focus his efforts on being axe, on showing all of axe’s dimension, not just the subby part.”

I’ve attempted this a few times over the past week. I’ve tried to change the way I present myself as just a normal guy who happens to be submissive. After exchanging emails with one woman on Collarme recently, she suggested I start looking for a submissive woman. Why Is that?

“Because you don’t seem submissive. Your tactics are quite aggressive and Dom-like. Maybe you’re not a sub. Maybe you’re just a bottom. I don’t know.”

Keep in mind, I was respectful to her. It’s not like I was demanding that she use me or anything.

“You will use me for your pleasure!! Force me to bow down before you!!!”

I was just being myself. Relaxed, calm, not begging.

I’m now wondering if I hadn’t shown my other dimensions things would have turned out differently with my conversation with her.

It seems some women require a guy to act more submissive and others are turned on by the ones who don’t. I’ll have to try and pay more attention in the future to see what type of guy a woman goes for.

Do I toss a coin to see if I should just be myself or if I should present myself in a more submissive manner?

What are the signs to look for when seeing what kind of guy a woman is looking for?

How can you tell if a woman is looking for someone who is more submissive compared to someone who’s looking for all of my dimensions up front?

It’s certainly something to think about.

It will be nice to get away from searching for a bit, put my mind at ease and hopefully I’ll come back from Europe with a new perspective on things.

I See London I See France…

Camera? check
Passport? check
Macbook? check
Leather Pants? check

One week from today I’ll be traveling overseas with my best friend.

The Euro-Kink-Tour-Sextravaganza will be under way!

Maybe I’m overselling it.

The plan is to land in London the morning of August 8th, take the chunnel to Paris the morning of August 11th and fly back home on the 15th.

I’ve been looking and looking for kink events in both London and Paris. It’s difficult to tell what clubs are the clubs to go to in Paris since I don’t speak the language but it seems the scene in both places is much more active.

We’ll be checking out the London Fetish Fair, possibly the Festival Of Sins and hopefully a few other events in London (recommendations please!). Coffee, Cake & Kink was rumored to have been closed down but it appears to still be open. I’ve found a few event calendars and I actually have to choose between events since there are a number of options. Now I know why people from Europe will look at the New York scene and say “This is it?”.

The goal is to go to some kink related event every night. Hopefully the exchange rate won’t screw me over so much that it prevents me from getting screwed.

Paris is the tough one. I’ve been told the best thing to do is to go to a few kink stores and just ask what clubs are the best to go to.

If you or anyone you know can offer a few good suggestions of places to go people to see for socializing in either London or Paris then feel free to comment or email me. (Email address is in the facebook profile on the right).

I’m sure I’ll be posting updates while on vacation.

Anyone know of some good places to go/see/do that aren’t covered in the usual travel guides? Sure getting torn to shreds by a woman with a French or English accent would be great but I’m more than happy with some good conversation as well.

More Non-Kinky Things: Photo Edition

Just a few non-sexy thoughts I’ve been having.

I’ve decided to expand my fashion a bit. From now on I’m not going to have just black or blue All-Stars.

I’ve added gray.


The new IPhone. I used half of my economic stimulus package to get it. The other half went to paying off debt (sexy huh?). Meanwhile, if you have an iphone, I’ve made and Iphone theme to my blog. It’ll load faster now if you have an Iphone and will compress it down for ya. See?


I love these two photos. Such a contrast.



I’m getting more and more excited for my big trip to London and Paris next month. If you know of anything going on between August 8-11 (in London) and August 11-14 (Paris), then by all means email me.