In Search Of Le Kink In Paris

This is the view from the hotel room.


The view inside the hotel room is quite different.

I’m located next to Gare De L’est, I believe that’s french for “If you can see this, you can probably smell mildew”.

The A/C doesn’t work but there is free Wifi. I’ll take the wifi any day.

I’m on zero sleep for more than a day now, my best friend is out cold yet I’m tempted to go to the parts of town some new friends in London suggested I check out in search of BDSM in Paris.

One Londoner told me that Paris was not the best place to look for BDSM or anything more than fetish. One woman told me, “The dominant women there like to look like they can beat your ass and fuck you, they don’t actually want to beat your ass and fuck you”.

My best friend and I have gone to two kink events in the past three nights we’ve been in Europe. I can tell you that there’s a big separation between fashion and passion in London. (Fashion and pasison? Fuck I really am on zero sleep).

I’ll give a full recap of the fun had in London later (no sex or anything but made lots of new friends), right now I’m torn between taking a long nap that will probably result in my waking up 8 hours from now, or heading out to find the closest group of kinky people.

My limited experience (20 minutes) in Paris seem to disagree with the theory that Parisians are rude. I’ve actually met some very nice people who have been more than happy to give me advice and a smile.

Thanks to my Iphone’s GPS, navigating is much easier than it would have been otherwise.

Though, google maps doesn’t come up with anything when I do a search for “woman with a whip, a love of oral worship and a desire to sexually abuse tall New York City boys”.

Fuck the nap, the search is on…..


I don’t know that it is the sort of kink you were looking for, but my wife and I enjoyed our visit to Theatre ChoChotte in Paris. Her review is here:

Since it sounds like you’re back in the States, I guess this comment comes a little late, but I hope you find it interesting nevertheless.

Ha, there’s lots of women like that, they just don’t look the way you want them to.