Found Femdom: Equinox


This one was sent in by the ever-awesome Miss Troy Orleans.  She writes:

Because I’m so literal minded, this one was an easy pick. Even though I’m not sure what’s so femdom about it … well, I guess the CFNM and that she’s riding him, sorta. And probably wearing AP lingerie, which is, like, the dominotrix uniform… plus the fact they’re depicting something that would be profoundly awkward and uncomfortable to do in real life … I guess that makes it (commercial) femdom.

Full disclosure: I’m an Equinox member. The truest thing about this ad is that people who look like this actually work out there. No furry carpets though. On the floors. Or the women, come to think of it.


Be Careful What You Wish For

She has mentioned a few things that she’s always wanted to do but hadn’t yet.

I told her I would do them (of course) and one in particular made me wince but at the same time eager to do it. Eager to be the first, eager to give her something nobody else had. I find myself desperate to make her fantasies come true. Even something that scares me.

Maybe a little bit of it is to prove my adoration, but most of it is to please her, to give her something she hasn’t had yet, to know that she can use me for whatever she wants.

Tonight, one of those things happened.

I was…ok bear with me because this sounds like something out of a porno but then again, so much of what she and I have done sounds like it comes out of a porno. A very high budget, well written porno.

I was in her kitchen, naked, doing the dishes and wearing a collar and a brand new ball-stretcher (2.5 inches). After I finished I asked if I could eat and she offered me some leftovers she had delivered.   

“Oh, wait”, she said with a wicked smile, “give me your cock-head”.

I knew what was coming, it was one of those things I had winced about. One of those things she had always wanted to do and now she was going to do it.

She reached among the leftover burger and fries and grabbed a jalapeno pepper, tore out a small chunk of it and slowly slid it inside my urethra so just a small piece was visible.

What happened next was a blur. A very painful blur.

At first I was hard, hard because it felt a little warm but mostly hard because I could see how much it turned her on.

It hurt like a son-of-a-bitch and she had a very big smile on her face.

“Do you want it out?”

“Yes!” I stammered

“Then you’ll have to cum it out”.

I had serious doubts if I would be able to or not but the next thing I knew, I was on my knees, jerking this burning piece of flesh between my legs

I was close, I could have came right then but at that moment her best friend came out of the bathroom, she had been dying her hair and came out to see what all the commotion was about.

“God I love coming over to your house!” she exclaimed as she saw me kneeling and jerking off in front of her smiling friend.

“Should I let him come?” my owner asked her best friend


“Fuck”, I thought. I was so close, I wanted so badly to come, more from the desire to expel that evil evil pepper, than to experience an orgasm.

I stopped and the pain began to increase even more. The burning became unbearable and I started to shake and whimper.

“My poor baby, do you want me to make it stop?” she asked.

“Yes…” deep breath, wince, whimper “please” and she ran off to grab some yogurt from the kitchen, I think she asked me where it was in the fridge but I was in no condition to answer.

Moments later she was rubbing yogurt into my urethra and I could feel it starting to cool but not enough. Her best friend returned with a bowl of milk and I was told to “dip your dick in the milk”.

I did.

I felt like Yosemite Sam dropping his ass into a barrel of water after Bugs had just lit him on fire.


It wasn’t over though.

She made me hold that position for ten minutes. My muscles aching as though I was in some convoluted yoga position. As I breathed heavily and moaned, she would kiss me and stroke my hair.

Oh and she took photos.


That was about an hour ago. She asked me to write about it and so here I am, naked, still a bit numb, laying on the floor next to her couch as she pets my back and occasionally steps on my balls and smiles at me.

Sometimes, when you get what you wish for, it’s better than you imagined.

Black T-Shirt And Leather Pants

Black T-Shirt And Leather Pants. That’s pretty much all I own.

I’ve mentioned before that, when it comes to clothing, I’m at a complete loss. I’m lucky enough to have a job that allows me to wear a T-shirt and jeans every day.

Wait! The jobs that require ties are the ones that pay more? Aw fuck.

When it comes to fetish wear I’m at a loss as well. A friend helped me pick out the leather pants I wear to every event and they’re both comfortable and functional since I wouldn’t be allowed in to most events without them.

Yes, my pants are the key to my kink world.

Lately i’ve had more and more people ask me if I own anything else. It’s been suggested that I might want to mix it up a bit.

“Latex” one friend urged. “You’ve GOT to get some latex”.

She suggested I buy latex short shorts and go shirtless or wear the latex shirt I’ve only worn once. While this does sound like an economically sound answer, I should also mention she’s the same person who enjoys watching me get hit on by men.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman say “ohh look at the guy in the latex short shorts! Lets go play with him!”

Another friend suggested assless chaps. Assless chaps seem like they’d be a big pain in the exposed ass. In the winter you need to worry about frostbite and in the summer it’s mosquitoes. Plus, if you’re at a crowed fetish party and you need to navigate though the crowd, how do you politely rub your ass on a stranger to squeeze through?

“Pardon me, my bare ass coming through.”

This may be yet another reason why I’m curious about CFNM (See wikipedia). You cant get easier than naked. No need to worry about what nipples goes with what elbow. If your body parts don’t go together you can just blame evolution.

So, for now, just expect to see me in my old standby.

Sex As A Reward For Service?

Ok, I know I post about service often but I’ve heard something twice in the past week that totally blows my mind. Mixing service with something more sexual.

I was chatting with a friend about it earlier and the subject came up again.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent chat:

axe: i’ve been performing service for years now and have never done anything sexual

Domme: omg someone as cute as you..

Domme1: well my drive is Huuuuge i couldnt imagine it not being sexual

Domme: how boring

axe: but i’ve performed service for women who had strong drives as well but there was nothing sexual

Domme: maybe they arent attracted to you?

axe: probably

Domme: its what makes it fun. I prefer to closely supervise and punish when its not done right..and reward when it is

axe: i enjoy close supervision

axe: but a reward for a good job? usually a reward for me is being allowed to come back and clean again

Domme: omg

Domme: no….

Domme at least jerking off

Domme: its hot

Domme: i just find it so highly charged

Domme: lol but maybe everything is that way for me

Domme: i guess i want it to be more intense…

Domme: what do you wear?

Domme: ive fantasized about an apron and naked.

axe: usually jeans and a tshirt, my normal clothes

Domme: really i think its super erotic

Domme: its hard work, the guys sweat, its fun to see a hot ass…. cleaning.. 🙂

Domme: it elevates the mundane

I’ve had the image of being objectified in my head for the last few weeks. The whole CFNM thing is a bit of a turn-on.

I imagine my submissive feelings would be stronger if I were naked while doing it…mabye. It’s been my experience that most women don’t want a naked guy cleaning for them, much less a submissive one.

Yet I’ve learned that two of my friends enjoy having submissive men naked while serving them.

Maybe it’s a west coast thing:)

I have no clue how service would be different for me if other aspects of BDSM were mixed in with it.

Would my quality of work get worse because I would be too eager to play? Would it increase because I might feel even more submissive?