Black T-Shirt And Leather Pants

Black T-Shirt And Leather Pants. That’s pretty much all I own.

I’ve mentioned before that, when it comes to clothing, I’m at a complete loss. I’m lucky enough to have a job that allows me to wear a T-shirt and jeans every day.

Wait! The jobs that require ties are the ones that pay more? Aw fuck.

When it comes to fetish wear I’m at a loss as well. A friend helped me pick out the leather pants I wear to every event and they’re both comfortable and functional since I wouldn’t be allowed in to most events without them.

Yes, my pants are the key to my kink world.

Lately i’ve had more and more people ask me if I own anything else. It’s been suggested that I might want to mix it up a bit.

“Latex” one friend urged. “You’ve GOT to get some latex”.

She suggested I buy latex short shorts and go shirtless or wear the latex shirt I’ve only worn once. While this does sound like an economically sound answer, I should also mention she’s the same person who enjoys watching me get hit on by men.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman say “ohh look at the guy in the latex short shorts! Lets go play with him!”

Another friend suggested assless chaps. Assless chaps seem like they’d be a big pain in the exposed ass. In the winter you need to worry about frostbite and in the summer it’s mosquitoes. Plus, if you’re at a crowed fetish party and you need to navigate though the crowd, how do you politely rub your ass on a stranger to squeeze through?

“Pardon me, my bare ass coming through.”

This may be yet another reason why I’m curious about CFNM (See wikipedia). You cant get easier than naked. No need to worry about what nipples goes with what elbow. If your body parts don’t go together you can just blame evolution.

So, for now, just expect to see me in my old standby.


The fact that you wouldn’t be allowed in without the silly leather pants is likely the main reason I’d never ever go to such a thing. Talkl about ridiculous and pretentious!

IMHO, unless you can pass for a big burly biker dude… all looks a bit silly anyways.

How about a fishnet body stocking?

The clothing restrictions ARE a little annoying, though. Especially since fetish/kinky clothing is kind of pricey (and ugly, in my opinion).

To the ones telling you to switch up your outfit, reply that if it bothers them so much, they’re welcome to dress you to their tastes at their expense.

In other words: fuck ’em. 😉

My boy and I were recently talking about this issue. I told him I wanted him in a leather jockstrap – easy access for play and I think it looks hot. Especially with his little harness and collar and leash! I think the latex is a good idea. You can get plenty of manly looking latex that doesn’t look gay FYI.


1) I hit on the boy in the latex shorts. If you look kind of gay, you’re doing it right.

2) Leather pants are hot on everyone.

3) Why does it matter? I’ve never seen you stay at a kinky party more than an hour anyway.

Ditto to Wendy’s #1.

Also, you can of course wear jeans under the assless chaps. Or given the right construct, a tight pair of undies. Then you’re not ‘forced’ to rub your bare ass on people in passing.

You have your basic black outfit. All you really need are a few things to mix it up so you don’t look the same every time you show up somewhere.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard a woman say “ohh look at the guy in the latex short shorts! Lets go play with him!””

I actually had exactly that “ohhh look” thought at a fetish party last week. 😛

I found your blog a little bit ago. It’s addicting; I went back and read pages and pages.

You’re such an intriguing boy..

Merriam Webster Dictionary:
Fetish: : an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression.

Now, I would not say that a man in jeans with a black (or white t-shirt) is something I _need_ for sexual gratification but I would say it definitely causes a few palpitations when I see a confident man in said attire. Carefree, casual but confident. The three C’s. I also feel the same when I see a man in a suit: a crisp, clean, creaseless suit.

I say if it is not broken, do not fix it.


Enjoy the idea. Perhaps men’s swimwear site can assist someone out there.