I placed the microphone on the table between us. Just a few minutes earlier I had made her breakfast and I needed to move the OJ and coffee just to make sure I didn’t spill on my fancy new microphone. She has a way of making me jump and spill things.

I setup my laptop to record and tried to act as casual as possible. It’s always hard to act casual around her. There’s never a moment where I don’t want my mouth on her skin. That makes it hard to act casually.

I briefly thought of some of the topics I wanted to cover. I never plan for these things. Being spontaneous makes things sound more natural. Besides, I could always edit out any lame jokes…ok most of my lame jokes…at another time.

We sat across from each-other as we spoke.   There were a number of times I wanted to ask her questions that wouldn’t be appropriate to broadcast.

“How much fun was that..that stuff we just did this morning”.

“Have you always been a cuddlier?”

“Is there something you do to make your skin so soft and kissable?”

“Does your hand hurt?? Because my butt is still a little tender.”

“May I just go under the table and go down on you while you talk? My mouth could be put to so much better use than asking questions.”

I didn’t ask any of course. I didn’t need to. She knew what I was thinking anyway.


After following a trail of breadcrumbs ive travelled from Persephone’s blog to yours. I loved your podcast, quite good to listen to in the bathtub. I started at the beggining and have read all your blog, it is quite the distraction on a dismal day at work. Just wanted to let you know that I hope all works out well for you. And you have changed many of my thoughts about submissive males.

i loved this, so sweet and honest.