How I Wake Sade

During the week I leave for work before Sade wakes up, on the weekends though I get the pleasure of waking her up every day.

I’m usually up several hours before her so waking her up usually involves sneaking into the bedroom, quietly stripping off my clothes and sliding next to her on the bed.

What happens next is up to her. Usually she’s laying on her stomach I’ll start by gently kissing and nibbling her back and working my way down to her toes, working my way back up to the small of her back and tracing my tongue around her ass giving her a very slow rim job and then sliding my tongue further down until I can just barely lick her clit.

If for some reason she stays on her stomach then I’ll slowly lick from her clit to the small of her back and back again a few times before I slowly slide into her.

Usually she’ll wake up enough to roll over and I’ll be able to go down on her until she comes or until she indicates that she wants to fuck. By this time I’ve been up several hours before her and have been thinking about us fucking the entire time I’ve been awake so while she’s just waking up to sex, I’ve been thinking about it all morning and have had hours to get worked up about it.

The number of g-spot orgasms she wants will vary from morning to morning. Sometimes she’s done after a couple of orgasms and other times I’m begging her to let me orgasm after she’s had seven.

When we’re both finished she’ll look at me with a warm smile and say something like “mmmmmmmm good morning”.

I’ll sigh and offer her my hand to help her up while we go shower together and I ask her what she wants for breakfast.

It’s weekend mornings like these that make weekday mornings so hard.

Blowjob Lessons

Ok this is going to sound like a scene out of a porn movie. I still can’t believe it happened much less to myself.

So Sade and a friend were taking one night and her friend confides in her that she’s thinking of dating a guy after taking a break from men and seeing mostly women. One thing she’s concerned about is how her oral skills have held up since she’s out of practice.

Sade, being the kind friend she is, offers my cock (or rather her cock) to practice on.

Blowjob lessons.

I still remember the haze of disbelief I was in after Sade informed me this friend of her’s would be practicing her oral skills on me. I immediately became hard..and nervous. Sade hadn’t let me orgasm in days and I didn’t know how I would be able to hold back.

It wasn’t long before I was naked and on my back while Sade slowly gave instructions on teasing, nibbling, biting using her tongue grabbing my nipples and everything else that goes along with her technique.

It’s still such a blur but I remember a few things:

-Sade ordering me not to come without permission
-Nipples being pinched and pulled
-Sade’s friend smiling when she saw how I reacted to different stimuli.
-Balls being pulled.
-Sade’s friend sucking so hard my eyes were rolling into the back of my head.
-Sade asking me to describe our latest sexual adventures to her friend while she toyed with me and how I could barely think much less talk. She asked me again and again and the most I could get out was a “mmbblllaahhhhhhhuuhhhhhh” sound before I could form the words “I can’t think right now”.

Days later we were told her lessons worked great on her next date.

This is one of many many many memories with Sade that will creep up on me in the most inconvenient of locations and force me to desperately try and hide an obvious erection.

Coincidentally Sade and I are starting a band call The Obvious Erections.

Starting On The Edge

I had been horny for her all day.

More than usual.

I had a sex dream the night before invloving a friend taking photos of us while we fucked, I woke up extra horny but also woke up late and didn’t have time for morning-sex.

I was distracted by fleeting sex daydreams all morning long and made the mistake of confessing it to her via text message. She replied by sending me an especailly hot photo of herself, making matters worse.

By the time I got home I was dying for it and within momemets my lips were between her legs.

By the time we started fuckng I found myself wayyyyyy too turned on. By that I mean it wasn’t 5 minutes until I was on the edge of orgasm. Normally I can counteract it by breathing deeply, slowing down for a moment or switching positions and then all’s well until she orders me to come but none of that was helping this time. Sade seemed more than a little amused by my predicament. I was laughing too but a little frustraded by the situation.

That’s when Sade stopped the action, grabbed the leather collar off of the dresser and put it around my neck. Then she strung a line of rope through one of the metal rings of the collar and held it like a leash, bent over while standing, pullled it tight and commanded me to continue fucking.

She pulled the rope over her shoulder forcing me to bend forward and press against her back.  The act of being controlled like this despite the position made things even hotter.

If it was hard for me to hold back before, this made almost impossible. I don’t think I lasted two minutes (maybe one?)of hard thrusting until Sade (thankfully) ordered me to finish.


Happy Fucking Friday

We are both sleeping, spooning and the universe is perfect.

I have a case of very early morning wood and because of the tight spooning it wakes her up.

Normally when she sleep-fucks me she rides and I’m such a heavy sleeper that I can completely sleep through it all or if I’m lucky I’ll wake with a vague memory.

This time she’s the little spoon and I fuck unconsciously until the pleasure wakes me up and I start to fuck in earnest.

I had no idea if I woke up late for work or if it was a long time before. Usually I’m the one who wakes her up for early weekday sex.

After she’s thoroughly roused and satisfied she lets me cum and we lay there for a moment before heading off to the shower. Passing the clock I see its 5:30.

Sade: You could go jogging.

Me:Perfect, I can sleep for a couple of minutes then go for a run before work.

Sade:If you cuddle and sleep now there’s no way you’ll wake up early enough to go for a run.

“I’ll show her” I think to myself as we spoon and drift off together.

Of course I woke up late with only seconds to spare before needing to head to work.

Worth it


The pain rushes in and it forces my arms to lift my body off the ground, my feet tied wide and barely touching the floor.

She wants to hear me growl and I know I’m almost there. It’s not something I can just turn on though, it’s a place she needs to take me to. Playing in public makes it harder and easier to go there. Harder because I know others are watching but easier because I know the neighbors won’t hear. It’s a wash really and it doesn’t matter because I don’t have a choice.

Again and again she hits me and I’m at the point where time stops and all there is is pain My head feels warm and I don’t think this pain will ever stop and I’m not sure if I want it do.

There’s nothing for me to think about when she takes me here, my brain stops thinking of five thousand things at once like it usually does, it stops thinking entirely and I just exist.

For a moment she’s gone and changes implements. It gives me time to catch my breath. I wonder if anyone is watching us and I catch a glimpse of a guy out of my left eye, I turn my head away from him and she continues.

For a brief moment she stops everything to kiss me. It’s such a dramatic change from the passion of the pain to something more physically carnal. Then she goes back to beating me. I can feel a tear welling up. It’s not the pain but the dramatic change between the kiss and the pain and back to a kiss again. I don’t know how to process it and I can feel myself whimper.

I’m close to breaking completely and she stops. She strokes my back and it burns. She lets me down and I fall to the floor on my knees in front of her. She stands and holds my head close to her. I feel the warmth of her legs and I love her so much.