How I Wake Sade

During the week I leave for work before Sade wakes up, on the weekends though I get the pleasure of waking her up every day.

I’m usually up several hours before her so waking her up usually involves sneaking into the bedroom, quietly stripping off my clothes and sliding next to her on the bed.

What happens next is up to her. Usually she’s laying on her stomach I’ll start by gently kissing and nibbling her back and working my way down to her toes, working my way back up to the small of her back and tracing my tongue around her ass giving her a very slow rim job and then sliding my tongue further down until I can just barely lick her clit.

If for some reason she stays on her stomach then I’ll slowly lick from her clit to the small of her back and back again a few times before I slowly slide into her.

Usually she’ll wake up enough to roll over and I’ll be able to go down on her until she comes or until she indicates that she wants to fuck. By this time I’ve been up several hours before her and have been thinking about us fucking the entire time I’ve been awake so while she’s just waking up to sex, I’ve been thinking about it all morning and have had hours to get worked up about it.

The number of g-spot orgasms she wants will vary from morning to morning. Sometimes she’s done after a couple of orgasms and other times I’m begging her to let me orgasm after she’s had seven.

When we’re both finished she’ll look at me with a warm smile and say something like “mmmmmmmm good morning”.

I’ll sigh and offer her my hand to help her up while we go shower together and I ask her what she wants for breakfast.

It’s weekend mornings like these that make weekday mornings so hard.


I enjoyed this :). She is a lucky Lady

No wonder I keep checking back daily if there is a new post! 🙂