collar and leash

Starting On The Edge

I had been horny for her all day.

More than usual.

I had a sex dream the night before invloving a friend taking photos of us while we fucked, I woke up extra horny but also woke up late and didn’t have time for morning-sex.

I was distracted by fleeting sex daydreams all morning long and made the mistake of confessing it to her via text message. She replied by sending me an especailly hot photo of herself, making matters worse.

By the time I got home I was dying for it and within momemets my lips were between her legs.

By the time we started fuckng I found myself wayyyyyy too turned on. By that I mean it wasn’t 5 minutes until I was on the edge of orgasm. Normally I can counteract it by breathing deeply, slowing down for a moment or switching positions and then all’s well until she orders me to come but none of that was helping this time. Sade seemed more than a little amused by my predicament. I was laughing too but a little frustraded by the situation.

That’s when Sade stopped the action, grabbed the leather collar off of the dresser and put it around my neck. Then she strung a line of rope through one of the metal rings of the collar and held it like a leash, bent over while standing, pullled it tight and commanded me to continue fucking.

She pulled the rope over her shoulder forcing me to bend forward and press against her back.  The act of being controlled like this despite the position made things even hotter.

If it was hard for me to hold back before, this made almost impossible. I don’t think I lasted two minutes (maybe one?)of hard thrusting until Sade (thankfully) ordered me to finish.