Four Years Ago

It was four years ago that really met Sade. I say “really” met because our paths had crossed here and there and I was too intimidated to say anything more than a quick greeting at best. Maybe I just waved and that was it.

We were at a birthday party for a mutual friend. I still remember seeing her when I walked in. Thankfully I arrived with my best friend who had a way of striking up conversations with new people. I remember being nervous while talking to her, attempting to cover up my awkwardness as best as I could. I remember making her laugh and how it sent a chill up my spine.

I remember trying not to make it look obvious that I was intimidated by her. Intimidated by her mohawk, her smile, her voice and how she could somehow pull off having the appearance of a badass and be so easy to talk to at the same time. How she seemed to personify my dirtiest daydreams while just talking about the most everyday things.

Perhaps it was easier for me to be around her because she was there with a date. I didn’t think I had a chance with her so I wasn’t risking anything by just being myself.

I don’t remember everything we talked about. The night is a total blur. I remember when a few people started playing my friend and I got up and decided to leave. As we were walking out the door her date (a dominant himself) came up to me and asked why we were leaving. I said something about needing to go to work or some lame excuse for me to leave so I didn’t feel awkward when everyone started playing and I stood around. Then her date said something I’ll never forget.

“Well you’re the only submissive guy here and Sade needs someone to play with.”

I had no clue what to say to that. I know I would have felt weird playing with her while her date watched but at the same time I really wanted to play with her. But what if I fell for her and there was nothing I could do about it because she was seeing this guy? At the same time I couldn’t just abandon my friend while she stood around and I played (I was the only one there who spoke her language). I sputtered and stammered and eventually decided to leave with my friend. It’s probably for the best that I did because I may have scared Sade off with excessive neediness after getting a taste of playing with her before she knew me enough to know the context of it. Hell I may have asked her to marry me right then and there.

So I left with my best friend and I thought that would be the end of it at best I thought we may become friends and I’d secretly pine for her.

Little did I know that one day I would eventually ask her to marry me.

Whole Lotta Fucking

She was fucking me, hard, and I was lost in another world. Sade was making the approving sounds she makes when she’s really getting into it.

“Yeeeeeeahhhh. Goooood boooy”

At that point all I could mutter was a few “Oh fucks” and “Oh Gods”.

Sade now has me at the point where she can fuck me hard and it doesn’t hurt in the least. Our eyes lock as she pounds me.

I’ve been so close to orgasm that I have no idea how it’s even possible that I can hold out any longer.

But I do.

I know she’s close to orgasm. She’s stroking me at the same time with my legs up in the air and every muscle tightens as I plead with my eyes because the words won’t come out. Finally she tells me to come when she does and she does.

Just a few days earlier I was on my stomach on the sub girl’s bed. The girl was on top of me grinding into my back while Sade took turns spanking us and encouraging us to grind harder and I could feel her dripping on my back.

Moments later I’m standing and the girl gets on all fours on the bed. Without being told I bury my tongue between her legs as Sade straps on her harness and looks at me with a smile. For a brief second I feel like I’ve been caught and I tell Sade I’m just getting the girl ready for her. Sade smiles approvingly.

The girl has her mouth on my cock while Sade fucks her from behind. Sade tells me to fuck the girl’s mouth and I grab a fist of her hair. Sade looks at me with lust and we kiss over the girl’s back.

I’m fucking Sade as the girl masturbates and touches us. I try to make sure I give the girl a good view of the fuck. Sade has come a few times and I almost need to beg to be allowed to give her just one more and she lets me.

The girl asks “Is it his turn to come yet?” and Sade says “Soon”.

I’m grateful.

Sade is fucking me while the girl sits on my face and sucks me. I’m overwhelmed. The pleasure center of my brain is conflicted between the cock in my ass, the mouth on my cock and the clit on my tongue.

The girl grinds herself deeper on my face and Sade fucks me harder. Sade fucks me while stroking me and the girl sucks harder.

I scream into the girl’s ass and I can hear Sade moaning with approval.


After her last orgasm she had enough and rolled me on my back and kisses me.

She grabs me by the base and starts to slowly squeeze me, I know what this means but I don’t feel like I’m close to an orgasm yet. She doesn’t care and begins to count down.


She picks up the pace a bit and works both of her hands all the way up and back down.


Our eyes lock and she knows she can make this happen even though I’ve been holding off for so long up until now.


Now there’s a smile in her eyes and my pulse quickens and our breathing becomes matched.


She’s moving faster now and is sitting back, positioning herself so it looks like my cock is coming out of her body instead of mine.


She squeazes and the muscles in my chest and stomach begin to tighten along with her grip.


She reaches down and grips my balls and gently yet firmly pulls down.


Her other hand is wrapped around me like a fist and in just a few short moments I go from feeling like I could go forever to desperation that I may go too soon.


She pauses her countdown as I wait to hear the words I need…


It’s all over for me as her relentless pace continues through the wave and I convulse…I try to say thank you but it probably just comes across as a jumbled moan.

As I slowly drift back I can still feel her working me.

“Good boy”

How I Proposed To Sade

I’ve had many people ask how I popped the question to Sade.   I’ve been debating on how many details I should give.  There’s just something about this act that I want to keep between Sade and I and our close friends.   I’d use the word “sacred” but I don’t usually use that word.

I will say this: I was on both of my knees instead of the more traditional one-kneed proposal.

We couldn’t be happier.

On a personal note I’d like to thank everyone who’s offered their congratulations and to everyone who has ever given me the encouragement and advice that has brought me where I am today.

New Holes

For years Sade would casually mention how she’d like my nipples pierced and for me to get a prince albert. She wouldn’t order it and we wouldn’t spend a lot of time talking about it, she’d just mention it, I’d get a slightly squeamish look on my face while at the same time get a little turned on by the idea of her marking me and adding two more bondage points to my body.

I should say that my nipples are insanely sensitive to begin with. So much so that extended time with strong nipple clamps can bring me to my knees pretty easily. In our day-to-day interactions Sade will reach out and pinch my nipples causing me to wince pretty quickly. Extra sensitive nipples means a quick erection when sucked or licked but a quick quivering mess when tortured too hard too fast. That’s why the idea of getting them pierced made me wince, I’ve heard piercings can make them even more sensitive and that kinda worried me a bit.

The issue kept coming up and it came up again while I was interviewing her for the 100th episode of The Masocast last weekend.

So, this past week it was brought up again, I saw the glimmer in her eyes and the evil grin on her face and that was that.

Friday after work we walked into the shop, she wanted her left nipple pierced and I was getting both.

It hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. The worst part was the constant pain for the rest of the night. It just wouldn’t stop but thankfully it’s much better now

While it will take a while to heal, she’s been enjoying looking at them and I’ve caught her eyes looking at them while we have sex and know it was well worth the pain.

With her, it’s always worth the pain.