New Holes

For years Sade would casually mention how she’d like my nipples pierced and for me to get a prince albert. She wouldn’t order it and we wouldn’t spend a lot of time talking about it, she’d just mention it, I’d get a slightly squeamish look on my face while at the same time get a little turned on by the idea of her marking me and adding two more bondage points to my body.

I should say that my nipples are insanely sensitive to begin with. So much so that extended time with strong nipple clamps can bring me to my knees pretty easily. In our day-to-day interactions Sade will reach out and pinch my nipples causing me to wince pretty quickly. Extra sensitive nipples means a quick erection when sucked or licked but a quick quivering mess when tortured too hard too fast. That’s why the idea of getting them pierced made me wince, I’ve heard piercings can make them even more sensitive and that kinda worried me a bit.

The issue kept coming up and it came up again while I was interviewing her for the 100th episode of The Masocast last weekend.

So, this past week it was brought up again, I saw the glimmer in her eyes and the evil grin on her face and that was that.

Friday after work we walked into the shop, she wanted her left nipple pierced and I was getting both.

It hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. The worst part was the constant pain for the rest of the night. It just wouldn’t stop but thankfully it’s much better now

While it will take a while to heal, she’s been enjoying looking at them and I’ve caught her eyes looking at them while we have sex and know it was well worth the pain.

With her, it’s always worth the pain.


Don’t be afraid of the prince Albert either. It’s sexy as hell, less painful to do than you might imagine, and much quicker to heal.

Lots of blood the first few days though, be warned.

Look away now mistress Sade!

Maybe a surprise birthday present for the one you love?

Lucky you! I’m afraid in my case it’s just the other way round … i’l love to have some kind of a mark, a ‘private property’ tatoo or the nipples pierced, but my Lady doesn’t like marks of ANY kind. W/we have a very service orientated relation, but a little rough time would be a nice reward every now and then.

echoing Mykey

The PA is nothing compared to the Nipples. I have both and got the PA first. I gauged the Nipples on the PA and woah I was floored by the sensation of getting the nipples done.

The PA is a quick pinch and done but there is quite a bit of blood but it heals fast and is easy to stretch. My Wife has said (in joking) that if i took it out she would consider it cause for divorce if I took it out. She loves the way it feels. The other thing is you’ll have to learn to sit down to pee. I’ve heard from others that that did not happen to them but I spay so I sit.

    Good point, Carri! Be sure to stir with a flat edged spoon. If you fear yo#18u2&7;ve scorched the bottom, pour the soup into a new pan and continue to cook.

spay should be spray.