sub girl

Whole Lotta Fucking

She was fucking me, hard, and I was lost in another world. Sade was making the approving sounds she makes when she’s really getting into it.

“Yeeeeeeahhhh. Goooood boooy”

At that point all I could mutter was a few “Oh fucks” and “Oh Gods”.

Sade now has me at the point where she can fuck me hard and it doesn’t hurt in the least. Our eyes lock as she pounds me.

I’ve been so close to orgasm that I have no idea how it’s even possible that I can hold out any longer.

But I do.

I know she’s close to orgasm. She’s stroking me at the same time with my legs up in the air and every muscle tightens as I plead with my eyes because the words won’t come out. Finally she tells me to come when she does and she does.

Just a few days earlier I was on my stomach on the sub girl’s bed. The girl was on top of me grinding into my back while Sade took turns spanking us and encouraging us to grind harder and I could feel her dripping on my back.

Moments later I’m standing and the girl gets on all fours on the bed. Without being told I bury my tongue between her legs as Sade straps on her harness and looks at me with a smile. For a brief second I feel like I’ve been caught and I tell Sade I’m just getting the girl ready for her. Sade smiles approvingly.

The girl has her mouth on my cock while Sade fucks her from behind. Sade tells me to fuck the girl’s mouth and I grab a fist of her hair. Sade looks at me with lust and we kiss over the girl’s back.

I’m fucking Sade as the girl masturbates and touches us. I try to make sure I give the girl a good view of the fuck. Sade has come a few times and I almost need to beg to be allowed to give her just one more and she lets me.

The girl asks “Is it his turn to come yet?” and Sade says “Soon”.

I’m grateful.

Sade is fucking me while the girl sits on my face and sucks me. I’m overwhelmed. The pleasure center of my brain is conflicted between the cock in my ass, the mouth on my cock and the clit on my tongue.

The girl grinds herself deeper on my face and Sade fucks me harder. Sade fucks me while stroking me and the girl sucks harder.

I scream into the girl’s ass and I can hear Sade moaning with approval.