celebrity dom/sub

Found Femdom: Bruce Willis Is A Lucky Bastard

Over the past two days I’ve had emails and tweets from friends informing me of this.

A photo-shoot for W magazine featuring Emma Heming and Bruce Willis.

The gorilla outfit kinda creeps me out though. I need to stare at the legs to keep my mind from thinking he’s being molested by Robin WIlliams.

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Celebrity Dom/sub: Fiona & Clive

Hey, why the hell not. Feel free go make your guesses in the comments.

Again, the rules of the game are wether or not they are Dom or sub in their personal lives, not who would be the dominant one if they were together.

Fiona Apple and Clive Owen.

untitled.jpg 004a.jpg

He looks like he’s probably submissive (all the cool, good looking guys are. Aren’t they?).

She is dominant. Obviously. Right?

I mean she wrote lyrics about girls breaking boys after all.

Plus, the look on her face is always one of…..”I’m gonna rip you to shreds”.

Celebrity Dom/Sub

A friend and I like to play this silly game.

We choose celebrities and try to imagine if they’re Dom or Sub in their personal lives.

note: she sometimes insists that any attractive woman will be seen as dominant in my eyes. I disagree but…..maybe she’s right.

So…wanna play?

How’s this?

Natalie Portman and Ben Affleck.


Now the game isn’t who would be Dom Or sub if they were together, I’m just including a guy because…well…..you know..for the ladies.

I say she’s dominant and he’s….well I’m not good with guessing guys but I think I should say sub.