Celebrity Dom/sub: Fiona & Clive

Hey, why the hell not. Feel free go make your guesses in the comments.

Again, the rules of the game are wether or not they are Dom or sub in their personal lives, not who would be the dominant one if they were together.

Fiona Apple and Clive Owen.

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He looks like he’s probably submissive (all the cool, good looking guys are. Aren’t they?).

She is dominant. Obviously. Right?

I mean she wrote lyrics about girls breaking boys after all.

Plus, the look on her face is always one of…..”I’m gonna rip you to shreds”.


I’d say Fiona’s a switch, heavy on the bottom.

And Clive… well, color me disappointed, but I think he’s strictly vanilla. Maybe a little assertive, but nothing outside the masculine norm.

Well, in MY universe, Clive Owen is an incredibly masochistic sub. Who loves CBT.

I’m gonna call Fiona as a Dominant Masochist. She’s a complicated woman.

I’d think Clive would be dominant, but that’s only me wishing.

Have to agree with you about Clive… very sub. Super sub. And Fiona… yeah… dominant to the point of sadism.

Wow, I guess I see Fiona very differently than most. The look on her face always said to me “I’m on the verge of crying because I’m so wounded.”

I don’t have any guesses on Clive.

Fiona…I’ve seen her perform several times.

I wouldn’t get on my knees for a drama queen. And how I love being on my knees.

Fiona? Domme? Talk about trying too hard.

I have to agree with Sadiste ‘heavy on the bottom’. And oh would she look delicious marked.

Clive – that morsel of a man. OMG he could turn me vanilla… and that’s sayin’ a lot. But dear god, I can only hope he’s subbie and that someday I run into him in some London watering hole… and take him back to my hotel to rummage through my CHECKED luggage.

I don’t either are dominant or submissive.