A Few Random Thoughts

– I need a haircut.

Right now it looks like this:


I’m thinking of changing it to this:


-I went to this website. It’s not what I was hoping it would be.

-I love Ingrid Michaelson’s voice. She sounds like a combo of Leona Naess and Fiona Apple.


-I really need to get out of debt. I wonder if being a professional submissive would pay anything? It could be one of those funny things where giving it away for free is impossible but charging for it increases demand. Like bottled water.

-Every day I’m reminded at how valuable my friendships are and what a lucky S.O.B. I am.

-I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days.


Does that make me a masochist?


Ah yes… but are you a pepper?

And thanks for getting the song stuck in my head, too. And… um… I’ve never noticed how sexy the Dr. Pepper guy was before. Something about that dance. Can you do that? I’m quite alright with the Luke Skywalker haircut, by the way.

marianne: i agree, pepper guy is kinda hot. scott baio thing going on.

axe: don’t shave a mac symbol into the back of your head, please.

oh, golly, i laughed out at the ibeatyou.com thing!

Maybe go for the Han Solo look…

Lavender Scorpion March 26, 2008 at 8:50 am

Mr. Dr. Pepper and Luke have the same haircut by the way. C’mon I can’t add you to that.. that’s a threesome that’s just… bad.

Get yourself a proper fauxhawk already.

And singing the song aloud makes you a sadist.

Ingrid Michaelson’s voice is down right stirring. Have you seen her live? I saw her recently at a very small venue (along with Matt Nathanson -whom I’d give my left labia for to tie up and.. ) and I felt as if she was serenading me.

I’ve already made the ibeatyou mistake myself! lol

Marianne- Hehe can’t dance like that no.

Janie- but…it’s a mac!!

SheenV- I feel more like a wookie.

Lavender- Dang, no I haven’t seen her live, but hopefully some day.

Damnit I shouldn’t listen to those jingles. The last one was that peanut butter jelly time on another site.

Luke was gorgeous in Return of the Jedi, so you could do worse.


i love ingrid michaelson!
all her songs are amazing but i especially like die alone it’s amusing.

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