slave training

Be Careful What You Wish For

She has mentioned a few things that she’s always wanted to do but hadn’t yet.

I told her I would do them (of course) and one in particular made me wince but at the same time eager to do it. Eager to be the first, eager to give her something nobody else had. I find myself desperate to make her fantasies come true. Even something that scares me.

Maybe a little bit of it is to prove my adoration, but most of it is to please her, to give her something she hasn’t had yet, to know that she can use me for whatever she wants.

Tonight, one of those things happened.

I was…ok bear with me because this sounds like something out of a porno but then again, so much of what she and I have done sounds like it comes out of a porno. A very high budget, well written porno.

I was in her kitchen, naked, doing the dishes and wearing a collar and a brand new ball-stretcher (2.5 inches). After I finished I asked if I could eat and she offered me some leftovers she had delivered.   

“Oh, wait”, she said with a wicked smile, “give me your cock-head”.

I knew what was coming, it was one of those things I had winced about. One of those things she had always wanted to do and now she was going to do it.

She reached among the leftover burger and fries and grabbed a jalapeno pepper, tore out a small chunk of it and slowly slid it inside my urethra so just a small piece was visible.

What happened next was a blur. A very painful blur.

At first I was hard, hard because it felt a little warm but mostly hard because I could see how much it turned her on.

It hurt like a son-of-a-bitch and she had a very big smile on her face.

“Do you want it out?”

“Yes!” I stammered

“Then you’ll have to cum it out”.

I had serious doubts if I would be able to or not but the next thing I knew, I was on my knees, jerking this burning piece of flesh between my legs

I was close, I could have came right then but at that moment her best friend came out of the bathroom, she had been dying her hair and came out to see what all the commotion was about.

“God I love coming over to your house!” she exclaimed as she saw me kneeling and jerking off in front of her smiling friend.

“Should I let him come?” my owner asked her best friend


“Fuck”, I thought. I was so close, I wanted so badly to come, more from the desire to expel that evil evil pepper, than to experience an orgasm.

I stopped and the pain began to increase even more. The burning became unbearable and I started to shake and whimper.

“My poor baby, do you want me to make it stop?” she asked.

“Yes…” deep breath, wince, whimper “please” and she ran off to grab some yogurt from the kitchen, I think she asked me where it was in the fridge but I was in no condition to answer.

Moments later she was rubbing yogurt into my urethra and I could feel it starting to cool but not enough. Her best friend returned with a bowl of milk and I was told to “dip your dick in the milk”.

I did.

I felt like Yosemite Sam dropping his ass into a barrel of water after Bugs had just lit him on fire.


It wasn’t over though.

She made me hold that position for ten minutes. My muscles aching as though I was in some convoluted yoga position. As I breathed heavily and moaned, she would kiss me and stroke my hair.

Oh and she took photos.


That was about an hour ago. She asked me to write about it and so here I am, naked, still a bit numb, laying on the floor next to her couch as she pets my back and occasionally steps on my balls and smiles at me.

Sometimes, when you get what you wish for, it’s better than you imagined.

What The Hell Is Slave Training

I’ve had the imagine of being trained by someone stuck in my head for a while now. As someone who wouldn’t mind (understatement) being owned by a woman someday, you’d think I’d know what that means, but I don’t.

Oh I’ve been asked how I’ve been trained. My only answer is that I haven’t.

I’d imagine it depends on the goals right? The goal would be…….too…serve..the dominant…better?

Obviously it has something do to with something. I know it’s not nothing.

There are websites that deal with slave training, most talk about getting deeper submission out of the submissive and reaching a point of “total slavery”.

Total slavery? I have no idea what that means. Sign me up though!

A simple google search brought up Best Slave Training. I just breezed through it. Part of me didn’t want to read any of it since it might spoil it for a future woman that want’s to train me. It would be like learning how a movie ends before you go and see it.

In my mind’s eye I imagine it’s about just learning all of the small things that make her happy.

I’ll occasionally daydream about it both sexually and non-sexually. Since I can’t focus on one specific person that means that random women on the street will be the subject of my slave training daydreams.

I’ll see a woman on the subway and think:

-How does she like her breakfast?
-What body part turns her on the most when she’s kissed?
-How does she like her coffee?
-Maybe she’d like it if I met her at the door every day to take her coat.
-Does she prefer her clit sucked gently or hard?
-Holy shit what if she’s submissive??? I’m daydreaming for no reason! Oh who am I kidding she probably has a boyfriend. Crap she’s getting off on the next stop!

Ok maybe everything I think of as training, others think of as just learning to be a good boyfriend. Hey, I’m working on a blank slate here.

By the way, I think I may have hit a new low when my service/sexual fantasies revolve around women I have little chance of speaking to much less seeing again. I’ll admit I sometimes hope I’ll see their profiles later on one of the many BDSM dating sites I’m on.