Kink For All NYC Returns!

I’m so excited to see Kink For All NYC back in almost half a year since the last one. It’s free, you’ll see presentations you wouldn’t normally see at kink events because it’s not your normal kink event (one of the many reasons why it’s so good).

You can hear a conversation I had with Maymay about Kink For All here.



KinkForAll is an ad-hoc informational unconference on sexuality for anyone and everyone. KinkForAll draws participants from an astounding range of sexuality-related communities. Anyone with the desire to learn or with
something to contribute is welcome and invited to participate.


What: The second no-limits sex-positive gender and sexuality unconference of New York City.
Why: To inspire a creative, interactive and open environment where everyone feels comfortable talking, learning, and being inspired by all kinds of sexuality.
When: August 8th, 2009
Where: *The **LGBT Center**, **208 West 13th Street, New York.** *
Who: Everyone
How much: FREE (as in beer as well as freedom)


KinkForAll is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people of the kink, queer, sex-positive and related communities to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, presentations, and interaction from all participants. (It is inspired by the BarCamp community.)

ANYONE WITH SOMETHING TO CONTRIBUTE OR WITH THE DESIRE TO LEARN IS WELCOME AND INVITED TO JOIN. When you attend, be prepared to share with others. When you leave, be prepared to share it with the world.

A KinkForAll is a special kind of gathering because there are no spectators, only participants. Attendees must give a talk or a presentation, help with one, or otherwise volunteer/contribute in some way to support the event. This is called sharing and we like it. All presentations are scheduled the day they happen—there are no pre-scheduled presentations or keynote addresses. The people present at the event will select the presentations they want to see.

Anyone can present, on any topic related to sexuality. You do not necessarily have to teach a new skill or idea. You might share an experience, review a product, or read a poem. The goal is to start a discussion, make connections, and exchange knowledge. Presentations promoting specific commercial products or companies are discouraged.

Learn more about what to expect at

Learn more about the event guidelines at

Get Involved

We need your help in spreading the word. Please help by participating.

Here’s how:

1. Get excited by reading the ideas on
2. Add your name or handle to the list of participants
3. Join the mailing list and introduce yourself by emailing
[email protected]

Still have questions? Read the Frequently Asked Questions at

or email [email protected] for more details.

KinkForAll Online

Participate online before the event at your favorite social networking web site:


All primary organizational efforts are being coordinated via the mailing list. Join for free and help turn ideas into realities!

Photos Of Me At Folsom Street East

I met up with a friend and headed to Folsom Street East today. I felt guilty about missing yet another Leather Pride Night, so I thought I’d support the cause by heading out in the rain.

Even though I usually only stay for about an hour, it’s nice to see people open about their kink in the daytime.

This was also the first year I didn’t get my ass grabbed by some guy walking behind me. It may be because it’s also the first year I didn’t wear leather pants.

So…if you missed it, here’s a few photos:

Here I am in front of the stage. Pretty decent performances, as you can see it wasn’t super crowded at this point.


Here I am in front of the TES booth. Ohhh look. A flyer for something related to sex!! Finders keepers!


And this is me…well…I think it’s pretty obvious but if you need it spelled out, I’m just about to leave but I’ve decided to admire some of the many kinky yet out of my budget items for sale.


Ahh memories.

I’ve Been Asked To Talk

Yeah, as if I don’t express myself enough right? A blog, a podcast and now I’ve been asked to take part in a discussion.

Don’t worry, I won’t be yapping alone. A few other people have been asked to be in the TES discussion on June 23rd as well.

Here’s the description: The 30-40 Wasteland: “The BDSM community doesn’t lack for members of the older set. TNG too thrives. But what happened to our members between 30 and 40 (give/take a couple of years)? Is there a reason that this population is scarce and what can we do to bring them out more? Join us for a discussion and hopefully suggestions for a solution.”

Yikes, that’s a big topic. The problem is that I could blabber on and on about why this is true and still not give you the reason why.

I really have no clue. I know that I only go to a few events these days. Certainly fewer than I used to. Is it because I only see the same people over and over and while I like most of them, I’m looking to meet new people? Is it because most of the women into BDSM won’t ever consider themselves in “the scene”? Has the internet made it easier to meet people without needing to go to a club or event?

One theory I’ve heard is that people will explore in their 20’s, settle down in their 30’s, then get divorced and want to explore again in their 40’s.

I have no clue but if you could leave a comment or shoot me an email with your theory I’d love it. The more the merrier, maybe I’ll bring up your comment at the discussion.

If you can make it to the discussion please say hi. This will only be the 2nd time I’ve been on stage with a group of people as part of a discussion. I have a tendency to feel like I need to entertain and therefore make an ass out of myself.   

I’ll try to curb that desire.

Marathon Man

This week is the big NYC Fetish Marathon. Event after event after event. I’m planning on making it to at least three or four and thought I’d write about the ones I’m planning on going to to support those who go to all the trouble to make a space for people to meet and have a good time:

First up (and I know it’s late notice) Midori is giving a presentation on the Art of Sensual Feminine Dominance. At first I was thinking “hmmm it would be a great way to meet women who are into that” but that sounded a bit creepy. However, when my best friend wanted to go as well, I figured I now have a non-creepy excuse to go.

It’s Tonight (Tuesday) at the Museum Of Sex, 7:00 sharp.


Friday night my friend Mistress Didi is putting on a Fetish Stimulus Party. More details here. Didi’s parties were the first I ever went to and thankfully they were so good that I stayed in the scene. She really went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and this party is sure to be another event where you can meet new people in the scene. Plus if you say you saw it on Unspeakableaxe you get free admission! Ok it’s free admission for anyone who goes no matter where they saw it.

Then there’s the twice-per year Smack.

Plus Suspension on Sunday.   

Whew….busy busy week.

If you’re in New York City and are looking for Kink/Fetish things to do. This is you’re week. There are other events going on as well. If you know of some of note that I missed here, feel free to add ’em in the comments.

Oh and if you see me, feel free to say hi.

Hey Laaaaaadyyyy

I’m writing this on the subway as I head to Pleasure Salon, a sex-positive social gathering filled with people from all over the NYC sex scene. There seems to be more poly people there than anything else but it’s still a decent time.

Ok that sounded mean in regards to poly people. I like poly people really, it just sometimes gets annoying hearing a guy mope about his fourth girlfriend. It’s like hearing a wealthy guy complain about how high his taxes are. Sorry, I just can’t feel pity for a guy who’s biggest problem is how complicated his life is because he’s got too many sex partners..

Anyway, I’m writing this because sitting next to me is a young woman dressed in fetishwear. I’m tempted to compliment her or strike up a conversation but I know that more and more often, the people wearing fetish are the people who aren’t really kinky at all.

There should be a special signal that kinky people can give to the world that let’s the world know they’re kinky without outing themselves.

We need a secret handshake or special look we can give people on the street so we can connect with one another.

I tried talking to the woman next to me via telepathy but she’s ignoring me.

Hey maybe she reads this blog.

If you’re reading this corset-lady, I’ll be at Pleasure Salon until 10-ish.