Hey Laaaaaadyyyy

I’m writing this on the subway as I head to Pleasure Salon, a sex-positive social gathering filled with people from all over the NYC sex scene. There seems to be more poly people there than anything else but it’s still a decent time.

Ok that sounded mean in regards to poly people. I like poly people really, it just sometimes gets annoying hearing a guy mope about his fourth girlfriend. It’s like hearing a wealthy guy complain about how high his taxes are. Sorry, I just can’t feel pity for a guy who’s biggest problem is how complicated his life is because he’s got too many sex partners..

Anyway, I’m writing this because sitting next to me is a young woman dressed in fetishwear. I’m tempted to compliment her or strike up a conversation but I know that more and more often, the people wearing fetish are the people who aren’t really kinky at all.

There should be a special signal that kinky people can give to the world that let’s the world know they’re kinky without outing themselves.

We need a secret handshake or special look we can give people on the street so we can connect with one another.

I tried talking to the woman next to me via telepathy but she’s ignoring me.

Hey maybe she reads this blog.

If you’re reading this corset-lady, I’ll be at Pleasure Salon until 10-ish.