Photos Of Me At Folsom Street East

I met up with a friend and headed to Folsom Street East today. I felt guilty about missing yet another Leather Pride Night, so I thought I’d support the cause by heading out in the rain.

Even though I usually only stay for about an hour, it’s nice to see people open about their kink in the daytime.

This was also the first year I didn’t get my ass grabbed by some guy walking behind me. It may be because it’s also the first year I didn’t wear leather pants.

So…if you missed it, here’s a few photos:

Here I am in front of the stage. Pretty decent performances, as you can see it wasn’t super crowded at this point.


Here I am in front of the TES booth. Ohhh look. A flyer for something related to sex!! Finders keepers!


And this is me…well…I think it’s pretty obvious but if you need it spelled out, I’m just about to leave but I’ve decided to admire some of the many kinky yet out of my budget items for sale.


Ahh memories.


I missed seeing you!

Dammit, we were wandering the city last night…. I completely forgot! We should have gone!