It’s very rare, but occasionally I’ll meet someone who I feel an instant “click” with. I’m not only physically attracted to them but also attracted to them in a psychological way as well.

It’s such a bitter-sweet feeling because it’s great to click with someone but horrible not knowing if the feeling is mutual or not. I need to take mind-reading lessons. I feel desperate to please them in some way. It’s such a powerless feeling to not know what someone wants from you, if anything at all. It’s so silly to have those feelings when you just met someone.

I could be talking to her about the weather and yet my mind will be racing, betraying me, saying other things:

“Yeah this weather is crazy isn’t it?

Is there ANYTHING I can do for you?


“Yeah I know, I wish we could have at least one day of sunlight soon”.

Please, just tell me what you want!

Tie me up, use me, rape me, let me worship you.

“Really? A low pressure system coming from the north? Wow, that’ll be quite the storm.”

Ugh, I’m dying to clean for you, anything that will require me to be on my knees

“No I really think this will pass, we should have decent weather by the weekend, great for going out in the park”

Would you like to lead me around by a leash or beat the crap out of me?

“Cool, hey it was great meeting you”

Can I please be your friend?

Please note, I’ve had a few beers while writing this and am feeling more powerless than normal.

Happy holidays!


I do hope that for Christmas this year you will get the mutual connection that will render you powerless and the woman you write about empowered.
Happy Holidays, Axe!

Too bad your Domme-dar wasn’t picking anything up :). I am about as far from shy as a person can be which has gotten me into trouble at times. Although my questions would be phrased from the opposite perspective, why not ask them? Unless they scream ‘freak’ very loudly, which may not be a bad thing either, are you worse off than before you asked? I have a regular bar I hang out at and have discussed some of my kinks with other people. I now have at least 4 guys that want to attend the fetish flea market in Providence next month. I don’t have a strong desire to play with any of them but it will be handy to have them nearby to carry my purchases :).

The best question, IMO:

Hey, do you want to get coffee sometime?

I think doms are (as you no doubt know) wary of being seen as Dominance Dispensers, which is why the other questions need to remain unasked until a later time.

When you really want to express those feelings, though, you might look into I statements – things you can say about yourself.

Something about you makes me a little bit weak in the knees.

rather than

Would you make me wear a collar?

Mariah- thanks….and you as well.

Stephanie- Who said my Domme dar wasn’t? oh…you were joking.

Dev- You’re right of course. Thankfully all that was in my head at the time, but normally if I had the guts to say something out lout it would just come out as “please may I do something for you?”