Oral Addiction

Of all the things in the world, giving oral is by far the thing I adore the most.

Breathing is a close second only because it allows me to have future opportunities to do so.

I was going to write a post about service and the difference between serving someone who deserves it as opposed to someone who’s just lazy…but I can’t it out of my mind.

I once had a situation with a woman who just wanted to use me for my oral skills. It didn’t start that way. We had met in a bar and she took me home with her assuring me there would be no sex, just a little fooling around. After I gave her oral she said she wanted to keep ours an “orally based” relationship. I was more than happy to oblige. I was in my early 20’s and she was about ten years my senior. She would call me up and invite me over for a couple of hours. She never went down on me, if she was in the mood she would ask me to jerk off for her between her orgasms.

I miss having an orally based relationship. I imagine a woman sending me a text with just a time and a place to meet her. Or me sending her a text with a simple word, “Please”. I arrive at her house to dive my face between her legs and after she’s fully satisfied I’m either enjoying a drink with her or she kicks me out the door.

Hmmm now I’m thinking of what it would be like in a relationship. What better way to greet someone home from work than to be worshiping her body seconds after she gets home from a long day at work.

Ok my mind is running away from me. It’s been far too long. Damn me and my needing to be attracted to someone first.

There are few things in this world that I have a big head about. One of them is oral.

Not everyone thinks I’m great at it. Far too many women are self-conscious about a guy pleasing them in that way and there have been a few that think I’m too obsessed with it . Ok…vanilla women at least.

I love the fact that it takes time to really learn how to get a woman off this way. Some are easier than others and some are like a safe that I need to try and crack the code for. Everyone is different. I love the fact that some have said I was their first oral orgasm (though they could have been lying for my benefit).

Ok my eyes are glazing over.

I had one woman tell me I need to teach classes on the subject.

Yes, it’s one thing that can make me beam with pride. I’m a total oral slave…and a very good one too.

Maybe someday I’ll write about my oral “finishing move”.

I was debating on writing a graphic depiction of what I find works best. Not sure if I want this to be a totally graphic blog or not.


See, if I were to tell you what I find to be best oral technique, it may help a lot of submissive men out there (or at least the two that read this blog). At the same time, it’s something I can offer that few others can.

Plus it would be ungentlemanly wouldn’t it?

Maybe for a future post.

Happy Holidays dear reader. Hopefully I’ll find someone to accept my gift…even if it’s just for one night.

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go buy a pack of gum, some lollypops and anything else that will keep my mouth busy.


chris of the female variety December 21, 2007 at 9:24 pm

I can’t imagine a better thing than an orally based relationship. I wish I could give you what you need.

Chris-Glad to know I’m not alone in that daydream.

Mmmm. Oral is something I love to give (to both women and men) and to receive. I do empathise with you here – I think an orally based relationship with someone would be pretty damned cool.

xx Dee

i envy everyone who loves oral sex. i don’t love to give it or receive it. i always struggle with the former, and with the latter… well, it’s just never been my favorite (submissive thing maybe?).

still, i give oral to both of my owners so i would be happy to hear your tips. not really being sexually oriented toward women, it’s hard for me to even guess how to explore my lady, and i would like to be able to really serve her, not just lick around awkwardly trying to be sensual and obedient. 🙂

Dee- Hey it’s better than most hobbies!

persephone- I emailed you some of my tips! Hope you can put them to good use. I should sent it to a patent office.

Oh, Axe, I’m nodding along as I read this because I so second so much of what you wrote here. But then, I didn’t stop sucking my thumb when I was a boy until after I became a teenager, so strong were my oral fixations. My mouth is one of the most sensitive parts of me, and any sexual stimulation I can make happen on my mouth is something I truly lust for. I am also able to corroborate what an incredible ego-boost it is to have been the one to provide “the first oral orgasm” to a female lover. The one orally-based thing I wish I could do more of is give more blowjobs (getting them isn’t bad either), but I do hope those enjoyable opportunities will come with time.

ok if you read my blog, you know that my “power tool” given to me by my female slave finally kicked the bucket. I’ve been using my primary as a source of relief and well that’s going well it;s not helping when I am midday hard-on wanting.

A girl has to have something to distract herself.

That being said, I have had a few men that are very good in the oral servicing parts. of course relationships and well men that learned my reactions to stimulation.

I’ve had boyfriends where this was the only sex we had and then I would only allow then to cum if I did and rarely.

It depends on the dynamic of the relationship.

I’m a guy who’s always loved giving a woman head more than anything else in the world. I’m still seeking that woman who’ll demand head often and a lot. Something about being commanded to do something I already love doing anyway makes it that much hotter. Here’s hoping we all find what we’re seeking!

“I love the fact that it takes time to really learn how to get a woman off this way. Some are easier than others and some are like a safe that I need to try and crack the code for. Everyone is different.”

This really struck me hard. In my early years I was very self-conscious and thought I was ‘too complex’ in my oral orgasms. I wish that I’d known men with a sincere appreciation for my body, specifically, my clit, and how it operates. It is truly a special thing and it’s good to know that men (many) exist with the love of pleasing a woman. Not just getting it done so that they can get theirs.

Thanks Axe.

Ah, if I wasn’t already spoken for and on the wrong continent…


the more I read your blog the more I like you. Not in that way! I wouldn’t tick your attractive boxes, you seem to be into more ‘conventional’ beauty and I can’t even begin to claim that. but your spirit of submission and absolute dedication to your lifestyle is admirable to say the least and I respect that. It is a weakness to ‘settle’ and that I cannot abide.

However, back to commenting on your oral fixation. As a relatively newly dominant woman (ok I’ve always been dominant I just confused the issue for a while) it took me a while to be able ‘take’ from my sub particularly orally. I’m no prude, I assure you, (I’m English for fecks sake!) but years of ingrained behaviour stopped me from truly enjoying the pleasure.

I guess what I’m trying to say that, for me, submission is a 2 way thing, you have to gift it to someone (not just any Tom, Dick or Harry) and they have to take it. I have my limits just like my sub does and we explore them together.

However, oral oral oral. Hours of it, no orgasm, big orgasm I don’t care. But having a skilled practitioner between my legs is one of life’s ‘little’ pleasures. I just had to learn to ‘take’ it.

I will continue to work to through your blog archive and most likely comment at regular intervals.