I’m Beat

I just came back from the gym. My first in a very long time.

Holy balls I’m aching all over.

I’ve been working out from home for a few months now but it just hasn’t been doing the trick. I’m sure it’s helped some but not nearly as well, nor as fast as I wanted it to. After my best friend bought me a gym membership for my 34th birthday last week, I was all out of excuses not to go.

I wish I could cross the wires in my head so the pain from working out at the gym was equally as pleasurable as the pain brought on by a sadist. I noticed a hint of an endorphin rush but it’s not quiet the same. Maybe it’s because I’m doing it to myself, it’s hard to imagine myself into even faux-subspace to try and connect the dots when there’s a big smelly guy named Bruno ten feet away.

What’s my motivation for working out? I’d say it’s because I want to look good naked, or more importantly, I’d like someone to want to see me naked. I’ve always been skinnier than the average guy.

A few tips I’ve learned from my first experience at the gym:

-Don’t listen to a podcast that will make you laugh and drop the weights.

-Don’t use any machine that will face the leg press machine, if an attractive woman starts using it you’ll find yourself working harder to not get turned on than you will on your actual workout.

-Try not to laugh at the guy who’s whispering “oh yeah baby” while doing squats.

-Try not to drool while imagining a woman whispering “oh yeah baby” while doing squats.

-If a guy approaches you to give you tips on how to use a machine, don’t say “oh, I’m just fucking around” when there’s a mother and her kid nearby.

-If someone starts to talk to you about “reps” and “sets”, just nod until you can go home and google what the hell those mean.

It’s too bad there’s not a kinky gym out there. The dominants could use weighted floggers! What would the subs do? I’m too worn out to think of anything clever.



You think you’re sore now? Wait till tomorrow!!

Check back with me in 12 hours and tell me if you can still move ๐Ÿ˜›

Get a trainer. For real. Gyms usually offer PT’s for at least one session, so you can learn what the hell you’re doing. I had a personal trainer for two years, and it was SO helpful. (He worked with my dad on some stuff, so he had to train me for free. I ain’t passing on that!) He was even able to design specific exercises to help me with work – he created the ‘stretcher lift’, to help me lift stretchers off the floor with a ridiculous amount of dead weight on ’em.

What was a kid doing at your gym?

I went to the gym on Monday: my thigh has finally stopped throbbing enough to return on Friday.

have a word with http://www.matira.com/ kidding..

Going to the gym has an extra effect of endorphin rush as well if you really push it. Subspace at the gym..!

Ok this made me *giggle* good for you for going to the gym.. as for me… I really need to get back to it… it’s been a few weeks.

Maybe if a Domme ordered you to go to the gym, then you’d feel all subspacy? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ve been gone from the gym for a week and I’m ready to cry. I HATE working out, but I love the energy rush about an hour afterwards.

As for what the sadists could do- well, we could simply make you work out. And for you masochists? Well, gyms are designed for masochists.

Didn’t New York have something called Whipped? It was one of those themed workouts where you get whipped into shape by someone who is half trainer half dominatrix. I think it was popular at the same time as punk rock aerobics and other such things.

Personally, I think 7 years of classical ballet was enough humiliation scenes to last me the rest of my life…though if you were into humiliation I would highly recommend a trainer. Preferably one with a dance background.

I know a really great trainer who is also a dominatrix. I know that you don’t pay for SM sessions, but if you ever want to hire an amazing, licensed, hot trainer, I’ll give you her info. I trained with her for two years and let’s just say that my core is rock solid.

It is with a heavy heart that I must now tag you: http://junkbuzzed.com/?p=890

Have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

“The dominants could use weighted floggers! What would the subs do? Iโ€™m too worn out to think of anything clever.”

Submissives will be chained to treadmills while the weighted floggers smack their thighs.