Making My Whole Body Shake

She put the leather goggle blindfold over my eyes, told me to strip, kneel and wait for her in the living room.

I waited there, I heard her doing something in the bedroom but I wasn’t quite sure what.

I started to worry.

We’ve had a friend staying with us for the last couple of months. What if she came home early, opened the door and was greeted by the sight of me kneeling naked and blindfolded right in front of the door?

My knees pressed into the cold wooden floor. The next thing I knew I felt her skin against my lips. I didn’t know what part of her I was kissing. It didn’t last long though, soon I felt her hands wrap around my balls and lift me to a standing position. She didn’t need to say anything, she lead me by the balls to the bedroom where we kissed.

Before I knew it I was bound to the bed and my legs and ass were up in the air and she was entering me.

I still can’t wrap my head around anal orgasms. When it happens, my mind feels so confused at where it’s coming from, it feels so overwhelming but finally my mind goes blank and it, as does my body, surrenders to her, this long slow wave moves over me, my body tightens, my back arches and I come.

Again and again she forced orgasms out of me. I lose count. 6? 7?

Each time she moans with me, whispers dirty things that just turns me on even more.

She moves off the bed and changes cocks, this one is much bigger. If I wasn’t in a deep post multi-orgasmic subspace I’d have asked her to please go slow at first but I can’t say anything, I just lay there with my legs still up in the air and moan with every exhale.

She positions herself over me, I can tell by the look on her face that she is more than turned on. She’s in another world like I am.  But she’s the opposite of I am, I’m getting fucked, mouth open and moaning, she’s got a wicked-hot smile on her face, talking dirty, fucking and owning me.

The night was just getting started.

The next morning I was in the shower, I could barely step in, my legs were still shaking.

All this week I’ve been constantly turned on, counting the seconds until I’m home from work and I’ll be able to see her, and kiss her again.




My First Over-The-Knee Spanking

I experienced my first over-the-knee spanking!

Actually I have experienced it once before, a friend was celebrating her birthday and instead of getting spanked she decided to spank someone else. We were surrounded by friends, she was clothed, I was clothed, it wasn’t sexual, it was all in good fun.

This time it was different on many levels. First of all I was naked.

I’ve read about them before. I’ve seen plenty of photos on the subject. It always looked a bit silly to me. It was one of those things that i just didn’t understand.

I understand it now.

It was a total surprise. As with most new things I experience, it wasn’t planned. Maybe she planned it but I hadn’t a clue. One minute she and I were casually talking and the next thing I know I was naked and laying across her lap.

I felt exposed and vulnerable. Her warm and soft but firm hands moving over my back, down my ass and gently pressing my thighs followed by a strong thwack.

Being spanked has never been on the top of my list of to-do’s but while she was doing it, I couldn’t imagine wanting anything else.

She’d slap my ass hard and my body would react. I’m sure she could feel how hard I was, pressed into her lap and every slap would force my body to thrust a little.

She started to slap over and over and over again, not giving my body time to process it and my head arched up. She noticed it and seized the opportunity to grab be by the hair and keep my head in that position.

Her hands would wander, she’d make a comment about how much she enjoyed view and would continue. Every swat drove me deeper and deeper.

I’ve learned I enjoy feeling objectified, she certainly made me feel that way. Caressing me then abusing me, talking about the shades of red my ass was turning and moaning as she took pleasure from the way my body was reacting despite myself.

I don’t know how long it lasted maybe 10 minutes or an hour.   

I only know I wasn’t the same person when I crawled off her lap as when I crawled on.

As with all things, I know it wasn’t so much the act as it was the person doing it. Still, I’ll have a different appreciation for it when I see or read about it from now on.

I’m Beat

I just came back from the gym. My first in a very long time.

Holy balls I’m aching all over.

I’ve been working out from home for a few months now but it just hasn’t been doing the trick. I’m sure it’s helped some but not nearly as well, nor as fast as I wanted it to. After my best friend bought me a gym membership for my 34th birthday last week, I was all out of excuses not to go.

I wish I could cross the wires in my head so the pain from working out at the gym was equally as pleasurable as the pain brought on by a sadist. I noticed a hint of an endorphin rush but it’s not quiet the same. Maybe it’s because I’m doing it to myself, it’s hard to imagine myself into even faux-subspace to try and connect the dots when there’s a big smelly guy named Bruno ten feet away.

What’s my motivation for working out? I’d say it’s because I want to look good naked, or more importantly, I’d like someone to want to see me naked. I’ve always been skinnier than the average guy.

A few tips I’ve learned from my first experience at the gym:

-Don’t listen to a podcast that will make you laugh and drop the weights.

-Don’t use any machine that will face the leg press machine, if an attractive woman starts using it you’ll find yourself working harder to not get turned on than you will on your actual workout.

-Try not to laugh at the guy who’s whispering “oh yeah baby” while doing squats.

-Try not to drool while imagining a woman whispering “oh yeah baby” while doing squats.

-If a guy approaches you to give you tips on how to use a machine, don’t say “oh, I’m just fucking around” when there’s a mother and her kid nearby.

-If someone starts to talk to you about “reps” and “sets”, just nod until you can go home and google what the hell those mean.

It’s too bad there’s not a kinky gym out there. The dominants could use weighted floggers! What would the subs do? I’m too worn out to think of anything clever.