Experiencing Chastity: My Hair-Brained Scheme

This post has had me thinking of another one of my curiosities.

I have always been curious about having a woman control my orgasms. It’s something I’m sure would intensify my feelings of submission and make me feel more owned. A chastity device would be a constant reminder of of my submission.

I don’t know how long I could last. I think initially I just like the idea of having myself saved for her pleasure only. She and I would still have sex but jerking off would be obviously out of the question.

It would require something more than a casual play partner though. Unless the person had me in it a day or two before a planned meeting, but that would make a cancelled date a horrible turn of events.

I’m incredibly curious about the subject and am dying to try it. I actually have an idea that might be “so crazy it just might work”.

Enter: The US Postal Service

Here’s my thought. Buy a chastity device and mail myself the key!

Brilliant right?

I could put it on Monday morning, mail myself the key and have it Tuesday or Wednesday. If I wanted to go longer I could mail it on a friday morning and not have it until after the weekend.

I know, I know. Three or for days isn’t that long compared to others who have experienced chastity. But we’re talking about me here. Technically I’d be topping myself and well…I’m not a good top so a few days is good enough.

A friend of mine did point out that I’d be screwed if the key were ever lost in the mail.

Funny to be screwed by a device that is meant to prevent any screwing at all.


Don’t do it! UPS just lost 16 rolls of wallpaper I needed for a job and delayed it 5 weeks. You would be so fucked if they lost the key.


I’m not sure if that’s brilliant or, as you put it, incredibly hair-brained. Potentially both.

On a not-as-silly note, you could buy a chastity device and look for a keyholder. The want to be released from chastity comes in sudden urges; having the key at a friend’s house or such means that you necessarily have time to reflect on whether you really want to be unlocked.

If you do ever lose a key in the mail, invest in bolt cutters ;).

Most men can escape most devices if they tried hard enough. You wouldn’t be too screwed if they lost the key. Also, most locks on the majority of chastity devices can be easily cut with bolt-cutters.

Chastity devices available today, by and large, suck. They’re at best a strong deterrent, not a preventative measure.

Not to burst your chastity bubble or anything. You know how fond of that game I am….

Ah well back to the ol’ drawing board.

Jocasta- I’m sorry to hear it. Hope it works out for you.

Eileen- I did ask a friend in the lifestyle if she would hold onto it for me but she was uncomfortable with the idea. There are, understandably, emotional issues that can come to play in that situation.

May- Double damn! But you’re perspective is always appreciated. At least I won’t have false ideas if I’m ever given the opportunity to try it.

I have quite limited experience with devices. Pan and Jack can escape CB 2000s – at least enough to come. Pan has a Prince Albert piercing, though, and with that locked to the cage he’s quite secure.

Not sure about postal service thing – wouldn’t leaving the key at work be less drastic? If you want to just not come for a bit, why not get May’s orgasm logger and stick it on your blog. I love watching those things.

My word. You are very crazy or very clever–and either way, productive of chuckles. You might want to go with one of the guaranteed USPS services–is it Registered Mail, or Certified Mail? I’ve just found you off Calico’s blog–you write cutely, so thank you for sharing your ruminations with the internet.

ah, Maymay’s blog, I mean. oops.

Fair enough. Emotional issues always need to be addressed before fantasies.

An alternate suggestion is to get a safe deposit box. This has a similar effect of *making* you wait to retrieve the key, hopefully long enough that you manage to rethink unlocking yourself while not immediately aroused.


Try something like this, maybe? One of my friends who is in a similar position to you has this and it seems to be working all right for him.

Sounds like a plot for a sitcom, the key in the mail. Well, okay, a really kinky sitcom, that I would so watch.

Take a look at the service offered by tickleberry.com (British). There are other similar services out there, independent women, etc. Of course, purchase & try your choice of chastity device, keeping the key with you at all times first. And buy some of the plastic locks that come with these things. CB-6000 seems to be the top of the line popular model of the moment.

I’ve used the mail to do chastity play and there was no problem. He suddenly became very interested in how fast the US Postal Service works 🙂 Your big problem may be that they can probably get a letter from NYC to NYC in a day or two 😉

I’d like to second the comments about the CB-6000, although I think it also depends on your, ahem, shape.

Also, hi! Great meeting you!

Most practical male chastity devices (as in you can actually wear them for a duration of 2-3 days straight) can be circumvented for the sake of orgasm, and easily cut off (with some replacable damage.) I’m mostly thinking of the CB line of chastity cages. They aren’t really meant to be 100% perfect, but they still have uses, trust me.

Chastity play is much much stronger and more powerful with a playmate, and in such a context, the weakness of the CB stuff are less of an issue.

If you do decide to play around with one, give yourself time to get the fit right and to get used to it before you commit to anything, with the post office or otherwise. Mostly because a bad fit or any reactions will be uncomfortable in a decidely unsexy and unfun way.

But I do encourage you explore it. It never hurts to toy around with it on your own, just so you are ready and able if you find a keyholder…

Oh dear jesus god do NOT trust the USPS with anything that important…. FedEx or DHL are both more expensive but how expensive is a ruined chastity device that you have to cut off yourself?

For what it’s worth, the CB series can be cut off without ruining it. The locking pin can be snipped with a good pair of wire cutters. You can cut right where the lock goes through and you can do it with no risk of cutting yourself.

And I am fairly certain you can get replacement pins from the manufacturer, as it is just a plastic peg with a hole in it.

So in an emergency, it is simple to remove. Though your keyholder will surely know if you have one. And it may take some time to get the replacement part…

Lavender Scorpion April 10, 2008 at 8:18 pm

OMG Axe, this might be the funniest post yet!

“She and I would still have sex but jerking off would be obviously out of the question.” LOLOL.. you’re topping your top, you’re topping yourself – with the mailing of the key.. this is great!

I can’t help but think an electric collar might be in order for you! 😉 Only because I luv ya though.. and think you’re *probably* trainable. Lucky the girl who gets that job.