Why Adult Friend Finder Can Kiss My Ass

Yes, I joined Adult Friend Finder but not for long. I just let my membership expire.

Note to self: Always read the fine print:


The fine print:


Grrrrrr People are always scamming my cock as a way to get my money. Why aren’t there women trying to scam me to get to my cock?

Other things Adult Friend Finder should have an * for.

-The phrase “meet real sex partners tonight” may not referr to tonight, or any other night for that matter. It may however mean that you’re going to “meet” other “real” people online tonight who will be having sex, and by sex we mean masturbation.

-The phrase “real people, real sex” doesn’t imply that we consider you a real person.

The website seems to be filled with more spammers than most dating websites. Of all the years I’ve been on collarme I’ve had maybe 30 people trying to get me to sign up for some website. On AFF I had more than that my first week.

Here’s an example. The stats of my profile after one month:


Almost every single flirt was a spam account. You can tell because when you click on it to see who actually flirted, you get a page that looks like this.


Now either all of those women met the men of their sexual dreams or someone at AFF caught on to them and they were removed.

There also seems to be more men posing as women on Adult Friend Finder. I had a few emails from “women” who replied to my message by informing me that she was seeing someone but if I wanted to get my cock sucked she knew a guy who would be all for it.

Note to self: Cancel plans for a cocksucking referral website, someone beat you to it.

C’mon people. I don’t join lesbian dating sites and then apologize to women who email me saying “Sorry I met someone, but if you want your clit sucked on I know this guy…”

If you’re a woman however it sounds like Adult Friend Finder might be the place for you. I’ve had more than a few friends tell me they had many interesting adventures thanks to AFF but the number of emails started to be a bit too much to handle. Every now and then they would delete hundreds of emails at a time without reading them because they had too many to deal with.

You can join now though and know that with my subscription lapsing, you’ll have one less email to bulk delete.


eh all the friend finder sites (well mainly alt) leave me cold. I need some kind of forum where I can interact and make friends or it just doesn’t work. Oh also I didn’t get all that many hits either lol but then I didn’t put up a picture *shrug*

OKCupid is great for dating, meeting new friends and such. That’s how I met Franklin. I found his profile, he mentioned being a switch, and a week later we had our first date. So romantic. He later told me he had the choice of seeing his one of his favourite DJ’s, or coming out where I lived and possibly getting laid. He chose the possibility of poon. (And this was before I was well know for being easy!)

i recognise some of those naked ladies .. apparently they live in south england too. I enjoyed AFF – altho’ there is a degree of desperation in many of the emails i receive. I try and read everything, even if i don’t reply, but some are literally uncomprehensible.

Alt is far more literate, and then men (i have no concept of the women – unlike aff, i don’t get messages from men pretending to be woman on alt) are more confident in what they want, and don’t want – it can make for some extreme and eye-watering profiles.

I have made several good friends in the couple of years i have been aff; i was chatting to one of my man friends last night, and he had just had 4 coffee dates (from Illicit Encounters) in a month, and was looking forward to the next stage, but i am sure it is easier when one is arranging vanilla (he is resolutely vanilla, sadly) discreet sex.

I used to be amused that the adverts will read the IP address and then put up a header like “Horny babes 4 U in New Haven”. Later, on another computer, those same pics would come up under the header “Horny babes 4 U in Hartford”. Even more amusing was that there would be different names under the same pictures.

Too bad you live in NY !

Face it, the web is solely for cash only kinky sex. Find a good kinky provider, save your money and spend it wisely to keep your kink under control, find a wholesome vanilla lady, keep them apart and you will live happily ever after.

I found both my partners on the web… and they know about each other and have met 😉

And the exact reason I started FetLife.com! 🙂

As I guy, I’m very happy with the service AFF has. Hundreds of women, all tens, have contacted me! What a deal! Now if only I could figure out a way to get them to meet me, or even email me.. .