Pain In The…


Not fun, not fun at all.

A few days ago I started feeling a dull pain on the right side of my back. The next day it was stronger and the next day it was unbearable. I eventually went to the Dr and was given a prescription for some muscle relaxant that barely help. It just dulls the pain and makes me want to sleep.

Another surprising side effect is that lately I haven’t been thinking about sex. Not kinky sex, not vanilla sex, not anything.   

As someone who’s familiar with my libido said: “Wow. You’re actually not horny right now? And it only took near-crippling back pain and drugs to do it!”. I’m lucky that she can speak from first hand experience.

My brain is bored right now. The parts of it usually dedicated to thinking about sex is just sitting there twiddling its thumbs, waiting.

I’ve tried devoting that part of my brain to something else but it’s bored by anything but sex.

Three days of muscle relaxants should do the trick shouldn’t it? Shouldn’t be hurting still.

These pills really don’t help the pain as much as they help me sleep through it. I slept twelve hours last night. Twelve!

What makes it worse is that this is standing in the way of me having a good time. It’s standing in the way of me having actual sex.

If only I could figure out what to do with my brain.


I’m sorry to hear about your back pain.

Hope you feel better soon!

I can kind of relate. I go through these depressive bouts where I completely lose my libido and all I want to do is sleep. It really sucks. You might want to get a nice deep tissue massage or rolfing for the pain. Rolfing is painful but it really makes a difference.

Hope you feel better soon!


Academic stuff about sex?

Works for me, anyway…

Are you sure you don’t have a kidney stone, honey?

Ugh, I’ve had to take muscle relaxants for back pain. They fucking suck. I once had to take them, and then go to work at the funeral home. I had to talk to the priest while all fucked up on those damn things…he thought I was nuts. But it was that, or try to perform my job laying down, which would not have worked.

Feel better!

If it’s still not better now, maybe see if you can a) either get injections instead of taking the pills and/or b) get a good massage as already suggested. Then if that doesn’t help make sure other underlying issues are ruled out (as also mentioned). Sharp sudden onsets of unbearable pain without you being aware of a specific trauma is somewhat odd.

Yeah, the sudden back pain IS kinda odd.

So, you’d be having sex otherwise, eh? Damn! Kick it!

How about trying to use that part of the brain to find things you can do with back-pain? The number one thing you should do is get up and move. Now, you’ll tell me that you are hurting so badly you can’t move, but seriously, most of the time we can. I have been to this point and back more times than I care to think about , and unless you have bone cancer that’s cracking your spine from within or something similar, getting up and moving is the best thing you can do.

Move gently. Walking is really good for you. Don’t start heavy exercizes or anything, but walk as much as you manage. Get the blood flowing again. Try to move normally. Think about your motions, normalise them as much as you can, and try to relax as you do so.

It’s going to hurt, quite possibly enough that you’ll be crying. Go ahead, cry, and then walk to a chiropractor, and spend the cash you might have saved to spend on that possible fantastic Domme on having your back cracked into place.

Then keep walking.

Good luck!

I know your pain.