Reflecting on 2008

Here’s hoping you and everyone around you is having a happy and safe holiday. If nothing else I hope you have a decent day off of work.

I’ve been reflecting upon this past year. How I’ve grown and how I’ve stayed the same.

I remember waking up January 1st 2008 naked next to someone I cared for, while that person is still in my life the nakedness isn’t there anymore. I still regret that at times. Not just the nakedness though.

I’ve been pretty lucky in some areas and unlucky in others. The friends I’ve made has more than made up for the unlucky parts.

I discovered the joys of being shackled and whipped, the simple pleasures of giving someone a back-rub with nothing in return required. I also enjoyed the pleasures of giving a back-rub followed by oral sex with nothing required in return. I experienced many firsts and a few seconds, I’m grateful for the memories and I still feel warm and tingly thinking of them. I continued to be a cuddle whore, a practice dummy and a service submissive. I discovered I have a prostate (or should I say someone else discovered it for me). Now I know what all the fuss is about.

Above all, I enjoyed making the people in my life smile as often as possible, even though some smiles were combined with an eye roll.

I learned what it’s like to be ganged up on (in a good way), to serve at a public event, get my photo taken in compromising positions.

I became an uncle again and learned I’d soon be the only member of my family without kids… that I know of (Am I right fellas? Hahaha..ok not funny).

I’ve hurt a few people unintentionally and have been hurt as well.

I’ve ben wise and devastatingly stupid.

Professionally I’m in the same spot I was last year but the way the economy is now, I’m just thankful I have a job.

I’m ending my year eager to start the next one.

I still have a week to work on my resolutions list. Any suggestions?

And no, “Stop sucking so much” doesn’t count.


Um…do you mean 2008?

Thanks Eileen.

Yes, before she pointed it out, every year mentioned 2007.

That’s what I get for buying my calendar at the dollar store.

.. not a bad year 🙂

best wishes for the next x

You’re only an Uncle in real life. Your goal in life should be to be someone’s Uncle Axe.

Well, it depends on what you mean when you say “stop sucking”. If it’s sucking on a girl’s naughty bits, then no, by all means, do not stop 😛

Happy holidays to you, Axe, hope the new year brings you all you could want!

Hey, Have a great 2009! Dont you have any goals that NOT include sex? Or am I in the wrong place and sex is everything, to everyone, here?

Anyways, I wish you all the best for the upcoming year and hope you get all that youve longed for…

a stranger that digs your blogs