Found Femdom: Your Guess Is As Good As Mine And Some Video

As soon as a faithful reader (thank you Elizabeth) emailed me this one, my mind raced to try and figure out what the hell was going on here.

True this doesn’t appear to be from an advertising campaign, but it also look too artsy to be porn.

Maybe it’s an ad campaign for the 5-day waiting period for handguns?


Since we don’t know where this one was from and I didn’t want to rip you off without posting something from advertising, someone twittered this one to me:

Personally, I’d like to be an arm or a foot rest in this situation but beggars can’t be choosers.

Found Femdom: Chanel

I promise to update with more Found Femdom posts. I’ve had a few more readers send in some lovely images and I’ll be posting a few times a month as long as they keep coming (hint hint).   

A friend sent this image of Jerry Hall from a Chanel shoot.

It’s subtle, I like subtle. She looks like she’s contemplating her next move. Should she let him stay? He’s patiently waiting and hoping the answer will be one he wants.


Found Femdom: Neiman Marcus

I love this image. It’s scanned in from the NY Times by Maitresse S’s submissive. Thank you both!!!

Subtle, no fetish wear and they both seem pretty damn happy. This is what it’s all about.

I own one tie that I haven’t worn in over a year. I need to wear ties more often.   


Eileen and May over at Male Submission Art continue to amaze me with what they’re finding.

Go there now!   


Found Femdom: Laugh ’till it hurts

I’m a bit backlogged with images that people send me. Thanks as always and please be sure to send any male-sub centric images to Eileen and Maymay over at Male Submission Art .

This images was sent to me with a title “Jeanne Moreau Reads to O’Toole”. Upon further research, I learned that it came from the movie Great Catherine, released in 1968.

The friend who sent it to me said she couldn’t stop laughing at it and insisted that I post it here.

I’ve never seen the film but I can imagine what she might be reading to him.

What’s O’Toole doing here? Wining? Crying? Wincing in pain? Either way it brought a giggle out of my friend and hopefully you as well.


Found Femdom: Artsy Stuff

I have no clue where this comes from or what it’s for.

When there’s something this good it’s best not to ask questions.