Found Femdom: Jean Paul Gaultier & My Modeling Career

More images that are only Femdom if you look at it from the right perspective.

Is the guy carrying her away or is she making him do all the work? I didn’t even consider the former to be an option until a friend pointed out that it could be looked at that way.

Either way he doesn’t look too happy with the situation.

Speaking of modeling, I’ve been approached by three different people this past week who’ve asked if I’d model for everything from fetish clothing to Femdom porn. I don’t think I’d look very good on the catwalk much less on a computer screen. I’ve told everyone that I’ll think about it and I’ll only consider it if my face is covered. Initially I thought it might be a good way to make some extra cash until I learned that male models in the kink industry don’t get paid a dime.




Found Femdom: Gucci and Objectifying

Thanks to Lilly for sending me this one.

I’m guessing they’re selling…Shoes?

Someone suggested that these Found Femdom images make me seem like I’m objectifying women. Funny since what turns me on about them is that the women are objectifying men. Does that mean I objectify women who objectify men?

I’d like to point out that for the pas few months every single one of the Found Femdom images I’ve posted have been emailed to me by women.

Ok that probably doesn’t let me out of the doghouse with many of you who think I’m kinda piggish for posting these. Any thoughts on how to even the score? Maybe a “Found malesub” feature?

Tell you what, if it makes you feel any better, objectify me all you want. There, are we even now?


Found Femdom: Monica Bellucci

Tilda just emailed me this one. Woohoo!

Whenever I see a Found Femdom image I sometimes imagine what the caption would be.

A few ideas for this one:

“As the greatest drill instructor ever, Monica has a unique way of encouraging push-ups.”

“It was at that moment that Larry realized she really hadn’t lost her contact lens”

“Although he disagreed with her at first, Monica’s butler realized he did indeed miss a spot.”

Feel free to add your own.


Found Femdom: Toes On Lips

This found femdom comes from someone I’m constantly drooling over. Just getting an email from her makes me whimper.

Once again I have no clue what they’re selling. Do they make sunglasses, nail polish or makes beverages but…fuck this image speaks volumes.


Found Femdom: Diesel

Holy shit! Legs and sadism!

Again I think about the photo shoot. If I were the the male model I’d be saying “Fuck photoshop, give me real marks please”.

Then again, if I were a male model, I probably wouldn’t need to ask for it.


It also reminds me of the last time my father came to visit here in NYC. He still lives on the family farm. We were walking near Union Square and he saw the Diesel store and wanted to go inside, I was disappointed to learn that they didn’t sell engines.