Rope Dummy

My best friend ties me up as her test dummy.

I have another friend who will use me in this way as well. I’m someone to practice on before a big date or just to hone their skills.

My best friend, BondageFreaky does it more often. She’ll usually walk up to me while she’s got a look on her face as though she’s deep in thought. I know she’s got a new bondage position in mind. Something she hasn’t tried before or something she wants to perfect.


It’s brings us closer together as friends. She gets practice in rope and I get to give her feedback on what feels better or what hurts more. If there’s one area of my body losing circulation or another in a position that can’t be held for long durations.


Sometimes I get into the zone, similar to how I feel at the end of a long yoga session. If the position is taxing I’ll find myself collapsing onto the couch or in a big chair while she has a smile on her face knowing she tested me.

It’s nice to experience rope for the sake of rope. It’s nice to be experimented on and also see how much fun she’s having as the rope goes flying. I like being able to offer suggestions on improving a position, knowing that when she ties up a submissive later, they’ll both have more fun because of my feedback.

She comes up with some of the most unique and evil positions I’ve ever seen. I’m trying to convince her to start photographing them more often.

How she sometimes improvises something that turns out to be both constrictive and visually appealing always a surprises to me.

I’m a pretty lucky guy, being able to get my rope fix while helping a friend at the same time.


I was looking for a rope dummy when I found my brat. I promised him dinner, conversation and inexpert rope work and ended up keeping him.

That tie looks really interesting. I bet I could modify and use it. hmmm I’m thinking though that that pinched nerve in brats neck would appreciate it if we don’t do it THIS weekend. I’ll stick to the plastic wrap mummy.

ooohhhh…i want a friend like you.

As soon as I wipe the drool from my mouth, catch my breath and get the synapses in my brain firing again from those wonderful visuals, I will say something positive about the kind of friend you are…but right now, the word “object”, and I mean that in the most sexy way possible, is all I can come up with to say.

object d arte

table ornament

These photos are really beautiful.